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It has been a long time since a production as honest as the Larry. Bernáth Szilárd’s first feature film brutally presents Hungarian reality, trauma and the power of music.

A Larry presents the life of a 21-year-old shepherd boy, Ádám (Vilmányi Benett), who struggles with anxiety and stuttering. He once lived with his violent father (Thuróczy Szabolcs), but cannot find his place until he discovers that he can express himself through rap music, under the name Larry his frustrations. His rough and explicit lyrics also appeal to the local young people, who help the boy record the song. Success can be brought by a national talent search, but Ádám has to sacrifice everything for this.

When the movie ended, only one word came to mind: serious. This is perhaps the best way to describe the work, as it presents problems that are common to many. You can feel that the psychological imprint of the abusive parent on the abused youth was seriously dealt with by professionals. Thuróczy Szabolcs plays the recovering alcoholic, religious, control freak father who, although he no longer physically abuses his child, still abuses his son with words and manipulation. The production is not afraid to point out that trauma can often turn into self-harm and self-destruction.

Hungarian reality and the power of music

The film also bluntly presents the lives of young people in Borsod, who often end up in irreversible situations out of necessity. The boys, although they think it’s a bit strange, immediately accept Ádám into the team, and local rapper CsalaDo takes the boy under his wing. The production presents the poverty in Hungary extremely honestly, but we don’t feel that it exploits the stories of these people for the sake of the effect.

With professional help, he developed his stuttering perfectly naturally, and he plays his bouts of social anxiety in such a way that it easily resonates with viewers suffering from similar problems. Benett’s musicality fits very well with his character in the film, he also contributed to the lyrics of Larry’s song.

The production is musically brilliant. Both the songs that play and the soundtrack fit the scenes perfectly, Andor Sperling did an excellent job. Larry’s song will probably be in my ears for days to come, as the work is great not only lyrically, but also musically. The connecting and helping power of music is well represented in the film, but it does not try to present the path to success as simple. As a musician, I was able to experience Larry’s difficulty with performing in front of an audience.

The work of cinematographer Dávid Hartung and editor Tamás Szabó must be highlighted, as the film has a beautiful, yet simple and realistic look. The dialogues are excellent, the script was written by V. Gergő Nagy and Szilárd Bernáth. Bernáth Szilárd’s directorial work is simply impeccable. It is no coincidence that the work won both the best film in the youth category and the best first film of the festival at the Cottobus Film Festival. THE Larry it was also included in the program of the Tallinn Film Festival (PÖFF).

After watching the production, a lot of things stirred in me, as it openly shows the “Pestians” how different life is in some parts of the countryside. However, perhaps the thought that remains the best is how many talents there are here in Hungary, who we don’t know about because they can’t get in front of an audience, or they can’t break out of their lives that bring financial security.

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A Larry can be seen in Hungarian cinemas from the first of December.