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Joseph Kosinski, who began his film career with the sci-fi Tron: Heritage, has had a great year this year. The director recently unveiled Top Gun: Maverick, which we’ve called the most exciting action movie of all time with noble simplicity – our opinion on it hasn’t changed since then, the production starring Tom Cruise has to be seen on the big screen because it hits huge. After the good experience, of course, we were sitting on needles waiting for Kosinski’s next creation, The Spider’s Head, which debuted on Netflix on June 17th.

We’ve been whipping up a lot of Netflix lately because the streaming service provider is spitting on mediocre, half-hour-old and unimaginative movies. They have already seen the situation, and serious changes are coming in this area. The spider’s head, on the other hand, has some ray of hope that if the market-leading online video library arranges its lines, they can still put enjoyable movies on the table.

Yes, we enjoyed the spider’s head. The production is based on George Saunders ’dystopian short story Escape from the Spider’s Head, the story goes that we are in the near future when convicted criminals can reduce the length of their prison sentences by voluntarily participating in a risky experiment.

The research is led by a certain Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) who administers to patients compounds that can medically change a person’s mood. We see a guy here who is 024 terribly grim, but at the touch of a button he would stop laughing at the jokes told to him. And Miles Teller, who we’ve also seen in Top Gun: Maverick, is hiding in the skin of a young man named Jeff who looks good but carries a serious bundle of spirituality. She is shot with a drug in the film that makes her sleep well with women who are less attractive to her. There are many kinds of drugs, not all of them are smiley, there are some that completely froth and scratch the wall to let them out.

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Meanwhile, sitting behind an opaque mirror is his already mentioned Abnesti and his constantly dissatisfied assistant, who record everything and their intention is to change the world with their invention.

One of the interesting phenomena in Hollywood is the three Chris: Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth – who are pretty badly caught up in the role of the forgettable action heroes. This is especially true for Pratt, he was in a horrible situation in Jurassic World 3, Evans is now at a standstill, while Hemsworth owes it only to Taika Waititi to finally be able to joke a bit in the role of Thor and show that he can show appreciative acting in addition to his muscles.

To Hemsworth, Spider’s head seemed like a good opportunity for the Marvel star to step out of his comfort zone even more. We are pleased to report that he has succeeded, the actor plays the beetle but is an ingenious scientist who is also driven by some kind of perverse observational compulsion to experiment with the convicts. We wouldn’t have thought Chris Hemsworth would be as good as the main villain, and while the character’s expression leaves something to be desired, we admit, sometimes we’d be happy to slap the genius kid. All this is an absolute merit of Hemsworth.

Miles Teller, who plays Jeff with a tragic past, is a great addition to Hemsworth, with a separate duel between the two making Netflix’s new sci-fi exciting. The prisoners of the prisoner and the scientist stay under the surface for most of the playing time, but when anger erupts from them, it hits the big one.

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It’s a shame that the romance between Teller’s character and Lizzy played by Jurnee Smollett couldn’t be explained properly. Nor did the finale, which was very clumsy, clashed and became devoid of any catharsis. The road leading up to that, however, was full of twists and turns, and fortunately there were some staggering ones.

The spider’s head deals with the question of free will, but not in the trite form from which we begin to yawn after twenty minutes. From George Saunders ’story, we managed to highlight the percussive elements that made the short story memorable, but somehow the gaps and other extras that the screenwriters packed up stuck out when we look at the big picture.

All of this doesn’t detract from the merits of Chris Hemsworth, who, along with Miles Teller, smoothly took the show on his back. It’s a surprising pairing of theirs, especially since the former actor has now made the trip to the dark side – we’ve squeezed the armrests in our excitement to see which one comes out victorious in the end.

At last we can say that an American self-produced Netflix film has come in which we have not bored ourselves to death. While more of the basic idea could have been brought out, it’s a much-loved sci-fi on the streaming service provider. It is not unmissable, but it is good fun, and it is interesting – it moves one’s brain teasers with its sometimes philosophical themes. If they do more of this, it won’t be long before Netflix has to worry about people canceling their subscriptions.

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The spider’s head is also available on Netflix with dubbing and Hungarian subtitles.