Index – Culture – We couldn’t watch this new romantic movie without crying

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year 2022 from a cinematic point of view is that Harry Styles, who has been in the entertainment industry until now as a pop star, has started to reinterpret himself and appears in serious dramas one after another. At the time, the 28-year-old Englishman was a The X Factoremerged as a solo singer in 2011, and after his elimination became a member of One Direction, but since the breakup of the boy band, he has been working alone again. Watermelon Sugar his song was played ad nauseam on the radio worldwide, but moviegoers could also meet Styles, namely in the It’s okay, honeyin which the extravagant celebrity took on the role of a guy who, with his wife, Alice (Florence Pugh), lived a small-town life full of fake happiness, working for a mysterious company.

It’s quite a coincidence that Harry Styles’ latest film, My Policeman it’s about the same topic again, that is, pretending. The main character is a patrolman named Tom Burgess, who runs into a young blonde beauty, Marion (Emma Corrin), on the beach. The girl immediately falls head over heels in love with Tomba, but she doesn’t count on one thing, namely that the policeman is having an affair with a certain Patrick Hazlewood (David Dawson), a museum curator.

My policeman the story of a not at all typical love triangle, which is a shame that the Hungarian cinemas did not dare to show it, because in some places the photography is so beautiful that we were amazed even when we watched it on the TV screen. Michael Grandage’s direction, which is based on Bethan Roberts’ 2012 novel, is a terribly sensitive romance, too. No wonder so many viewers clamored for a psychologist after it premiered on Amazon Prime on November 4th. My policeman truly the kind of movie that breaks the viewer’s heart, simply impossible to watch without shedding a few tears.

Although the story moves forward quite slowly, these characters undeniably have that certain plus that we need to be interested in them. Styles’ reticence comes in especially handy now, as we are talking about a police officer who is unable to accept himself and his attraction to David Dawson’s Patrick. And the zeitgeist adds a shovel to Tom’s troubles, because the fifties were not exactly a wet period, the germ of acceptance didn’t even exist. Like the main character, Marion is also a tragic figure who is unable to get out of this bad relationship, preferring to marry the guy and pretend to be happy. The crownevery movement of Emma Corrin seen in is worth a mass, we are very lucky that Netflix discovered and introduced the actress.

As they say out loud in one scene, all love ends in tragedy, and this is emphatically true of the Amazon Prime film.

After all, the budding relationship between the policeman and the curator can never really be fulfilled, and the third party, the wife, is also forced into a miserable life. In addition to all of this, where the protagonists end up many, many years later, by becoming victims of their own weak character and circumstances at the same time, is also given a tragically beautiful, almost excruciating explanation. On a thread closer to the present, we are already in the nineties, there is no sign of a romantic spark between the now elderly Tom (Linus Roache) and Marion (Gina McKee), both have become endlessly embittered people, and the former lover Patrick (Rupert Everett) appears again on the scene. So old grievances surface again, which brings with it some morphing into the past.

The film’s big question is whether it’s too late to break out of the rut, change your habits, and embark on the path to happiness. My policeman he will certainly not be among the main contenders at the Oscars. It’s not down to the cast, who perform inspired throughout, but rather the fault of the over-the-top script and the occasional aimlessness of the film. The writers didn’t dare to get into the provocative topic so much, so the end result wasn’t as surprising as they probably wanted. It is true that by the end the story grinds you down mentally, but there are not enough memorable sentences, hard twists, or even life-smelling surroundings to make something phenomenal come out of it.

My policeman it’s still a completely fair romantic film drama, you’ll need a hundred bucks for it, because the emotional parts at least work in it, and the tear ducts are roughly made to work.


My Policeman available with Hungarian subtitles on Amazon Prime.