Index – Culture – We watched this new thriller on Netflix with our mouths open

Released in 2008 starring Liam Neeson Taken set a new direction within the genre of action thrillers, which every few years better or worse films try to copy. The latest example of this is presented by Netflix Lou, but with a big twist, since instead of a tired tough guy, we see an older lady in the main role. Lou Adell is played by Oscar winner Allison Janney, who at the age of 62 reinterprets herself in this thriller and kicks some ass so cool that the one-time viewer won’t believe what they’re seeing.

The story, set in the 80s, gives Lou’s character a strong foundation as much as it keeps the main character in the dark at the beginning. We see a masculine, hat-and-jeans woman, almost reminiscent of Indiana Jones, who hunts deer, lives a lonely life with her dog near the forest, and from her sighs and sarcastic answers, it can be concluded that she is really fed up with life. We’re not wrong when we say that, as Lou holds a rifle to his head one night and is about to blow his own brains out,

when Hannah (Jurnee Smollett), who lives next door, runs in pleading for help, because her daughter Vee (Ridley Bateman) has been kidnapped by a madman.

In most action thrillers, this is when the protagonists hold their own and chase down the bad guys almost without thinking. THE Lou compared to the usual ones, it is a much smarter film. Here, the blood pro Lou and the desperate mother Hannah first go through all reasonable options: they try to call, but due to the sudden rain, lightning and power outages caused by them, they can’t reach anyone. The car of one of them is blown up, the wheel of the other is punctured, so running to the sheriff is not an option either.

That’s when it becomes clear to us, the viewers, that the enemy is a true professional. Lacking any other ideas, the duo is forced to go after the kidnapper, who in the meantime turns out to be a war criminal suffering from at least half a dozen traumas, including PTSD. Not a friendly combo if you ask us.

A real race begins, which is mostly exciting. The action scenes and fights are damn enjoyable. Especially since it seems that the makers thought them through well. There is only one explosion Louin , apart from that, the whole thing was really very low-key, but despite the apparently low budget, they made the most of it, not skimping on creative ideas. One of the best sequences is when Lou takes care of two soldiers in a tiny cabin. There, it really comes out that the creators placed every single object in the room for a reason, even the last, half-opened can becomes a deadly weapon.

We watched the action sequences with our mouths open, we are not exaggerating.

The chase aspect also works, which is not a disadvantage for a film that is so stolen is on its way. THE Lou it only disappoints in one respect, when the veil begins to fall from the characters, and it becomes clear who the main character is, who kidnapped the little girl, and what really connects the three central figures to each other. The Netflix production, which makes our hearts bleed, sits down for twenty minutes or so. While the fights remain creative, the story becomes absolutely clichéd.

Roughly speaking, you have to imagine the non-negligible part of the film as a bloody good fight, then boring dialogues, ruminations, ruminations from the past that mean nothing to us, and then another action scene that makes your jaw drop.

It became wavy Lou, but regardless, if you get past its faults, you can really enjoy the whole thing. Mainly because of the portrayal of Allison Janney, who admitted at the age of 62 that she was bored with life and retired, but if the need calls for it, she can stand as a fearless action heroine. Jurnee Smollett and the others are somewhat behind it, and in terms of visuals, we didn’t get the most out of this thriller either, because the photography is almost all night. One or two good settings fit the Louas the wrestlers were skillfully photographed.

We stood up from the film thinking that it was finally a Netflix thriller that didn’t make us scratch our eyes and bore us to death after 60 minutes. The production company Bad Robot, which is run by JJ Abrams and released the Lout. They can hold their heads at Paramount because the studio let Netflix steal this gem from them.

We are happy about it, because this thriller, even in its modesty, has reached Hungary sooner, we don’t have to wait for the launch of the new streaming service called Paramount+. THE Lou back home on Netflix, a few days after its debut on September 23rd, it became the top of the list of films, which we are honestly not surprised by, the audience used to like thrillers. Just take a look, a Lou it’s really one of the best.


Lou is available on Netflix with dubbing and Hungarian subtitles.