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We really like the BBC’s drama series, the TV channel has brought to the audience such public treasure productions in the last couple of years as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective set in modern London Sherlock, or the Luther dark detective series, in which the balloon-jacketed Idris Elba played the stars from the sky. But we could also mention the Tabut is a Peaky Blinderst, i.e. a Birmingham’s bandt as well, the latter series were put together by Steven Knight, who is also the subject of this article. The BBC’s position – by the way, very correctly – could have been that if he has already proven himself so well, why not give him another vote of confidence? It was a good move, because Knight’s historically inspired novel, that SAS Rogue Heroes it turned out to be great to watch, and thanks to its rock-solid foundations, it is in the cards to grow into a multi-year hit series.

Back home, HBO Max presented the military series on October 30, with all six episodes immediately. We were glad that they didn’t get on our nerves, because we finished the whole thing in one sitting. We were hooked, we won’t deny it.

The Unruly heroes it guides you to the currently raging Second World War, to be precise to the North African battlefield, the spring of 1941. The hay of the Allies is not in the best shape, as the German forces led by Rommel are pressing the strategically important city of Tobruk. Of course, the British don’t hesitate either, but the relief army doesn’t get there to help because of a rather funny bug.

This is the point when the rich lad David Stirling (Connor Sindells) and the at first glance dangerous psychopath, but extremely ambitious Jock Lewes (Alfie Allen) start to organize, and with an even more deranged soldier than them, the identity crisis and constantly angry Paddy Together with Mayne (Jack O’Connell), they found a secret parachute division, the SAS, which you may have already heard of…

Although its tone is very far-fetched and may turn many off, Steven Knight’s new historical series cannot be accused of one thing: that it is not well explained. The first two episodes only deal with the machinations and tricks that lead to the establishment of the SAS at all. Meanwhile, in addition to the three main characters already mentioned, other exciting characters also come into the picture, such as Dudley Clarke, played by Dominic West, a secret agent who is especially talented in deception, and Sofia Boutella’s Eve Mansour, who makes a deal with him, who is not afraid to use her charms if it is needed to succeed.

Is war rock and roll? At the very beginning, it may seem that it is trying to push something like this into us Unruly heroes, considering that the soldiers in the center are all rebellious punks, there are crushing rock classics playing behind a bunch of scenes, and on top of that, the Stirlings, wearing 0-24 sunglasses, grinning mischievously, keep looking at each other like they feel like kings of the world.

Until the first live deployment takes place. Of the roughly 60 SAS soldiers, just over 20 survive the parachute jump. Even though it is Unruly heroes it follows in a slightly more mellow tone The elite squad , and it’s a really fun, popcorn action series, but sometimes reality knocks on our window. And sure enough, we get a shocking reminder that it doesn’t…

War is not rock and roll.

People die, and a wrong decision, a poorly executed parachute jump or even a missed shot can lead to the loss of even more lives, ultimately leading to the victory of the Nazis. At the beginning, the SAS can also be called a kind of Suicide Squad, the soldiers work as much as possible under the grass, and even though they have their own uniforms, they steal all their equipment and weapons and thus attack their enemies. In principle, this will change in the later, planned seasons anyway, when the SAS will be a more mature unit.

If already The elite squadmentioned, we have to note: we are extremely happy that we got another World War II series where the soldiers have a distinctive personality, you can get excited for them, and when something tragic happens to them, you can almost wipe your eyes from the tears. Even though the Skins its former star, Jack O’Connell, has been stuck in his rebellious teenage years for many years, and it’s still funny how he comes out of his groove in front of the cameras and smashes a piano with his superior’s head. And the Game of Thrones after that, it is quite an experience to see Alfie Allen in the mockery of a completely different, more goofy guy.

The Unruly heroes it’s terribly entertaining and looks at itself so hideously that you blink twice before you get to the end… still, we can’t recommend it to everyone. There are viewers who expect war movies and series to be naturalistic, grotesquely violent and soul-killing. All of this is not worth looking for in Steven Knight’s new series, there is the In the West, the situation is unchanged from Netflix. The Unruly heroes it allows itself to be funny, to put a smile on our faces despite its tragic background and heart-wrenching twists. And that’s why we love it. And, of course, we eagerly await the continuation, as the recording of the second season will start next April.


SAS Rogue Heroes is available with dubbing and Hungarian subtitles on HBO Max.