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An interesting conflict will arise at this week’s Sunday Brunch. Zoltán Bereczki is a successful performer, but would you have thought that he still carries as a living wound that he said he wore a stigmatic stamp at the College of Drama just because he went to the musical class? The genre was despised and despised in the institution, and puppet students also received the same exclusion. according to. He was recently asked to stand up to the SZFE, which in his time he felt he had done nothing to not feel excluded.

When SZFE needed my notoriety in a situation that we basically agree with anyway, they wanted to force me on a communication that I disagree with: a violent, aggressive action.

For the sake of clarity, Zoltán Bereczki adds that since he received his degree, he has not opened the door to this institution.

Zoltán Bereczki: SZFE expected aggressive action from me, while previously excommunicated

The broadcast also brings other insights, it turns out that Zoltán Bereczki’s lonely cowboy attitude is the most characteristic.

I’ve always felt alone in the world, I’m a star in the Star, I also felt on my jury that no one understood me.

He talks about Dancing with the Stars on TV2, whose new member of the jury is very alone with his habitus, his opinion, his willingness to debate. At the same time, he enjoys the show and also tells you what’s exciting about it for him.

The most used gate, speech, ceases in this contest, body language remains, making it much harder to cover up lies, so the contestants need to start being themselves. Everyone falls down who is not honest, but everyone is cute and adorable even if they can’t dance but are self-identical.

In the conversation, we get an answer as to whether she left her mother’s theater, the Operetta, in 2011 due to abuse and the toxic atmosphere, especially that Dóra Szinetár also stayed with her at the same time.

  • He talks about the steps of his career and the domestic situation of the musical.
  • He talks about why he considered the pieces played in Madách to be a safety game and the Operetta as a risk taker.
  • Beavat wondered why he was never a member of a company.
  • He recounts what it was like to survive the pandemic and what financial austerity measures he decided to take when his money ran out dangerously.
  • It turns out that Michael Jackson was his master in the first steps of his dance studies, but also why he reached out to the most difficult teacher.
  • He tells the story of a derailed duet that eventually materialized, but he didn’t sing the song Star Map with the duet partner he originally wrote and wanted.

The latter story, in addition to drama, conflict, and disappointment, is interesting because it reveals how a beautiful duet is born after years of work with another partner who, in addition to shedding light on the song, also sets it on a completely different trajectory.

Stay tuned, we’ll get closer to the performer in the show without side effects. As Zoltán Bereczki says, and he feels this is true for himself: he who is not self-identical falls down in a moment.

Zoltán Bereczki: SZFE expected aggressive action from me, while previously excommunicated

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