Index – Domestic – Johnny Depp remains a savage, according to the Dior fashion house

Johnny Depp’s career as a film actor has practically waned over his wife’s accusations of abuse, and although he managed to clear his name in court a few days ago, the question remains whether Hollywood will eventually readmit him (if Depp longs for that at all). However, the fashion company Dior has stood by it in the midst of the slippery ducts of recent years, but why?

The marketing challenge is quite obvious: there is no one in the world that wants the privacy scandals of its best-known employee to tarnish its brand, and not at all for an alleged female force to come to mind about its portraits. THE Pirates of the CaribbeanIt was precisely along this logic that Johnny Deppet made out of Disney, the Legendary animalsand the Warner Bros. studio. If we take it that way, it’s also a form of paper for image saving.

Dior, on the other hand, was much riskier. The French world brand contracted Johnny Deppet as a poster for one of his perfumes in 2015, even before the relationship abuse susmus. The name of the fragrance (Sauvage) moreover, it plays on the masculine ethos of savagery, primitivity, which gave their cooperation even more ominous.

Yet, in defiance of the spirit of the age and significant industry pressure, they did not let go of the star’s hand, and were even used as protagonists in more and more campaigns.

They’ll come back if they have to

There would be several theoretical solutions.

Dior is an ultra-conservative, male chauvinist fossil, which is why it has pushed all over the past years into a reported abuser. This reading stumbles there that the fashion brand in question is not only one of the flagships of femininity but also of feminism.

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It’s a company with European roots, so it’s not so influenced by political correctness and meto-madness – you could even say that. Again, this is just not very convincing, as their second largest market is the United States (they only sell more of their products in Japan), with a quarter of all their sales there. They certainly wouldn’t risk that much money that way.

If the face of the brand falls, the brand will understand it, so they could do nothing but protect Deppet, there will be, says the third logic. Another weak argument, as Dior has previously shown that it can indeed distance itself and correct it quickly.

In 2019, an advertising film starring Johnny Depp was filmed that brought the tribal looks and rites of Indigenous Americans into play – to illustrate that particular savage theme. The audience roared loudly, not hesitating to shout racism. Within hours, the video disappeared, stating that they were just about to celebrate this special culture, yet they apologized for the schematic Indian depiction.

Bottled loyalty

So why did the Dior swim against the tide for years?

  1. On the one hand, because it is a professionally operating global company, it has been accurately measured that the majority of the public is in favor of Johnny Depp.
  2. On the other hand (in close connection with the previous one): the filthy material.

Even two years ago, when Depp still lost a lawsuit in the same case, the British Sun In contrast to the tabloid, sales of perfumes marked by its name increased by a quarter. From the beginning of 2022, millions more were expressing their solidarity with the purchase of a “Depp perfume,” which, by the end of the trial, became a shortage in several places around the world, breaking all previous sales records.

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So Dior has simply noticed that this scandal is significantly boosting its revenue. Because it is possible to dream of a masculinity that boldly fits the world trends, but nothing is wilder than reality.