Index – Domestic – Momentum is also voting against the DK candidate in the offshore case

The Momentum delegate abstained in the vote of the Civil Election Committee against the DK candidate in Székesfehérvár accused of offshore. András Fekete-Győr justified this in ATV’s Straight Talk by saying that a representative of the Democratic Coalition had brought documents that he did not have time to study.

Since then, they have had the opportunity to do so, and on this basis they have decided to vote against Judit Ráczné Földi in the second instance proceedings. The chairman of the Momentum said that the second instance proceedings had been initiated because the MSZP had appealed to the board of the Gyurcsány party.t against an acquittal decision. Anyway, a tie is still an expected outcome if other parties don’t think about themselves.

The DK candidate has been exercising ownership rights in Hungarian companies on behalf of an offshore company for more than ten years. Judit Ráczné Földi first denied that she had any connection with the company, later admitted that after factual evidence based on public records. However, he claims that he was merely a director of the company and not its owner.

The case popped out to the pre-selection participants on July 26 they had to sign one declaration of integritystating that no offshore business is owned by themselves or their families. THE Answer Online found out that Ráczné point on this day is an American offshore location he acted on behalf of a registered company and even identified himself as the owner of the company in the summer official documents registered with the Hungarian court of registration according to. He initiated an ethical procedure following their article the National Pre-Election Committee.


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