Index – Economy – The Dow Jones has reached a new all-time high

The Dow Jones was also at a historic high of over 35,000 points in yesterday’s trade. The stock market index of 30 large U.S. companies has soared in the past one year, gaining more than 45 percent.

The S & P-500, like the Dow Jones index, closed with a minimal drop, while the Nasdaq fell 1.5 percent from Friday’s closing value, the Portfolio wrote. The index of companies in the tech sector has rallied tremendously in the last 12 months, rising above 50 percent.

The value of all major Hungarian companies fell, but the companies of Lőrinc Mészáros, Gellért Jászai and István Tiborcz lost about 10 percent of their value.

While the Western European indices were moderately lower, the regional stock exchanges performed well.

The Hungarian stock exchange also closed with a rise; the value of BUX increased by one percent. Domestic blue chips rose today without exception, OTP’s share price rose 0.4 percent, Mol rose 2.1 percent, Richter rose 0.7 percent, and Magyar Telekom closed up 2.2 percent. In the last one year, the price of bank paper has risen by 49 per cent and the share of the pharmaceutical company has risen by 26 per cent.


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