Index – FOMO – A special salad dressing could have ended the marriage of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

As Index also reported, the nanny who previously looked after the children of the former couple cheated, so never-before-heard details about the divorce of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis came to light. According to the woman, the actor couple’s relationship could have been on the rocks, because Sudeikis found out that Wilde was meeting Harry Styles in Palm Springs after he found correspondence between his wife and the musician on his Apple watch.

The babysitter also claimed Sudeikis was so upset after learning Wilde was having an affair with the British singer that she threw herself in front of his car to stop him from going to her. The nanny also claimed Sudeikis fired her on February 1, 2021, when the actor went on a drunken rampage.

The salad dressing was the last straw

However, additional spicy details were revealed about the already quite scandalous and scandalous breakup. According to the nanny, a special salad dressing put the final nail in the coffin of their marriage.

The babysitter claimed that Sudeikis became very angry when Wilde wanted to leave their home to meet her current partner, Harry Styles, whose special salad she wanted to take, reports Page Six. The actor, who was understandably enraged by this, then tried to prevent his wife from leaving, and he used all means to do so.

That night, as Wilde was about to leave with the salad in hand, Jason followed and videotaped the whole mess.

– claimed the nanny, who said that Wilde repeatedly voiced in the discussion that she was afraid of her husband, who simply asked the woman why she would leave him at home with the children in this case.

In the heated debate, the actor’s efforts were finally successful, and Wilde returned to their home.

Jason told me he did it so Olivia would be late for her date with Harry. Olivia made the salad and the special dressing for Harry, since they wanted to have dinner together

added the nanny.

Wilde also shared the recipe

In response to the woman’s words, Olivia Wilde has now shared the recipe for the salad dressing that allegedly led to their divorce in her Instagram story. The actress posted a picture of Nora Ephron on Wednesday Heartburn from his book, in which the ingredients of the special dressing can also be read.

Mix two tablespoons of Dijon mustard with two tablespoons of red wine vinegar. Then, stirring continuously, add five tablespoons of olive oil and mix until everything is creamy. This dressing is also perfect for green salad, watercress and endive salad

the book says.

The recipe shared now is almost exactly the same as the one Wilde, 38, recently shared with the Food Network and reportedly prompted Sudeikis to throw himself in front of her car. With the book excerpt shared on her Instagram story, Wilde wanted to hint that she is trying to finally move on from the relationship and the vicissitudes surrounding the divorce. At least the photographed lines can indicate this…

If I tell you my story, I’m sure I can make you laugh, I’m sure you’d rather laugh at me than be sorry

it says on the pages of the book.

Both deny what happened

The couple issued a statement immediately after their former employee’s statement, jointly denying the allegations.

As a parent, it is incredibly upsetting that the former nanny of our two young children has decided to make such false and obscene accusations about us in public. His now 18-month campaign of harassment to harass us, our loved ones, and our close friends and colleagues has come to an unfortunate climax. We remain focused on raising and protecting our children, with the sincere hope that he will now decide to leave our family alone

Page Six quotes the statement of the former couple.

Harry Styles, 28, and Olivia Wilde, 38, have been officially dating since the beginning of last year. The actress had two children from her marriage to Sudeikis.

(Cover photo: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Hungary)