Index – FOMO – Being a parent in Hollywood is not easy either

Although parenting is the happiness and fulfillment of most people, there is no doubt that doing it well is a difficult and demanding task with tremendous responsibility. Determining who counts as a good or just a bad father and mother is quite relative and almost impossible, but it can be quite conspicuous if one doesn’t strengthen the sample parent camp in the slightest.

As with any person, there are celebrities who, after becoming a father or mother without sacrificing money or a career, sacrifice everything for the well-being and development of their child, but there are also those who may have been better off going down. for a box of cigarettes and they never return home …

A Deadpoolfilm star Ryan Reynolds doesn’t consider himself a role model, however, but he believes his mistakes or shortcomings in raising his children are what he owes his success to.

I am the father of three girls. They are quite wild, sometimes I think they suffer from rabies. Even so, I am like any other parent. There are moments when I just explode, but then the point is not how you behave then, but what you do afterwards.

– quotes the actor as PageSix, who says that although he made a lot of mistakes as a parent, these are the ones that inspire him to work, and that is why he is successful both in Hollywood and as a marketer.

Building on the mistakes, Reynolds is also trying to pass this mindset on to his children, James, Inez, and Betty, who are with his wife, Blake Lively.

I have always told and will tell my children not to let their mistakes go away, because when we make mistakes, we tend to be immersed in shame and self-pity, even though these are precisely the situations where we have to think critically and perceive the situation as a springboard.

He thought.

Reynolds said neither he nor his own father was a role model, yet it was partly thanks to him that he took it. many in life.

He also made many mistakes, but I am especially grateful for some

Said the actor.

While Ryan Reynolds doesn’t consider himself a good father, there are quite a few Hollywood celebrities who have cultivated or cultivated bad parenting at a much higher level.

Hulk Hogan

The presence of former wrestler actor reality star Hulk Hogan is far from surprising on this list. Although the outside world didn’t have too much insight into his parenting habits, he could hardly get the Dad of the Year award.

Hogan went to bed with one of his daughter’s girlfriends – not only his relationship with his child, but his marriage. However, she did not get upset for a long time, she remarried, but that relationship also ended in divorce last year, but in this case, presumably, she failed to hurt her daughter at least.

Alec Baldwin

Although the actor has not been in the spotlight as a bad parent lately, Alec Baldwin, who shot his colleague during a shoot at the end of last year, is also not strengthening the sample parents ’camp. Baldwin was added to the list below because years ago his voicemail message to his daughter, Ireland, now 26 years old, called Baldwin, in which he called the then 11-year-old a jerky, thoughtless pig and added that neither so much reason nor so much fairness he was trapped in it like normal people.

Woody Allen

If a statue is ever erected for the world-famous director Woody Allen, he will not be cast in bronze for his exemplary parental behavior either. Although Allen did not destroy the good parent’s appearance with ugly words, his actions are still a topic of conversation to this day. The producer lived with Mia Farrow, who also gave birth to her son, for years, but the woman accused her of having had sex with Soon-Yi, then high school girl, and even her other adopted little daughter, Dylan.

Although Allen eventually escaped the charges, Farrow’s suggestions could not necessarily have been aired, as the director married Soon-Yit in 1997, with whom they still form a party.

OJ Simpson

He may have been the perfect father of former American football player OJ Simpson, but his terrible deed presumably caused more pain to his children than a few bad words. Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her current partner in 1994 with extreme cruelty.

The former sportsman denied his guilt all along, and in the case, which received huge media coverage, he finally managed to win over the public and jurors himself, so he was able to get rid of it. In the end, he could not really do his father’s job anyway, and in 2008 he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery. He was released from prison in 2017 and was under house arrest until 2021.

Charlie Sheen

A Two and a half Men his actor also had a good chance of dropping the title of model father. In most cases, Sheen did not treat her mates with gloved hands, which also affected her relationship with her children. In 2005, his then-wife, Denise Richards, applied for a restraining order against the serial star, who has been accused of domestic violence on several occasions, while in 2011 his successor, Brooke Mueller, acted similarly for Sheen’s violent behavior. Richards had two daughters, while Mueller had twins.

However, the mud throwing with Denise Richards won’t stop after more than a decade. The actor and his ex-wife recently differed in that their 18-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, announced on a Instagram page, accompanied by a photo of bikinis, that she would join the OnlyFans platform featuring adult content. Sheen says it’s very wrong and holds her ex-partner responsible for it.

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