Index – FOMO – Defamation Lawsuit Fails for Johnny Depp’s Mocking Remarks and Laughter

Slowly, it will not be so long that another scandalous event will come to light in connection with the trial of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard. It’s enough to think of the wife getting dirty in the marriage bed or the actor’s finger cut off with a vodka bottle.

While it would be hard to tell which party will come out better in the defamation lawsuit before the public, Johnny Depp, who has a much better chance, could end up on the verge of not changing his behavior in the courtroom.

The actor had burst into simple laughter after Heard’s confession, claiming that his ex-wife smelled of alcohol, but was caught in the courtroom walls while eating and drawing gum, and his constant laughter and remarks were just icing on the cake.

No one wants to see Johnny Depp giggle to himself

According to Lee Berlik, who specializes in defamation lawsuits, jurors do not take this kind of behavior in good name, and Depp may be very sorry about it later, LadBible writes.

When someone sues their wife for hundreds of millions of dollars, no one wants to see the person giggle to themselves and make clever remarks on the witness stand. If you want jurors to sympathize with you, you have to be sympathetic. If they just see you having fun, it can scare many away

– He told.

Although Johnny Depp’s behavior is indeed incorrect and dangerous, the lawyer says he may still have a better chance than his wife because of his reputation and notoriety.

Steven Krieger, a lawyer practicing in Virginia, says not only Depp but Heard’s behavior is at least as bad as her ex-husband’s.

Heard should be careful not to just stare at himself with a shaky face while confessing. They should both strive to look sympathetic and win the jurors.

The lawyer said.

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As reported by the Index, Johnny Depp is suing his former partner for $ 50 million (HUF 17.4 billion) for another 2018 Heard article he said is defamatory, and $ 350,000 (HUF 122 million) for attorneys and lawyers. to cover litigation costs. The trial continues.

(Cover photo: Johnny Depp May 5, 2022. Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo / Pool via REUTERS)