Index – FOMO – Elvis Presley last performed 45 years ago – do you know everything about the singer?

Elvis Presley might not have even thought that that particular concert in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977 would be the last of his life. The king of rock and roll has set the bar very high, making it quite difficult for performers who are spreading their wings at the same time. Presley has become not only a legend, but an inimitable character who, breaking out of deep poverty, tried to prove to everyone he could do anything if he wanted to. The singer’s life was short, but it was all the more meaningful. And in our quiz below, you can test how aware you are of your career milestones.

To answer all your questions 30 seconds. Mark the correct answer and then either wait for the time to end or click the “Next Question” button. Clicking on the link will start the game.

(Cover image: Elvis Presley. Photo: GAB Archive / Redferns / Getty Images)