Index – FOMO – Gabi Tóth left negative things behind, it helped her

Gabi Tóth also performed in Felvidék Carpathian Basin with his tour. The singer gave a concert in Dubnaszerdahely on October 31, where she also made up for her missed performance on August 20.

After the event, Gabi Tóth told Ma7 that this was his last tour stop, and he believed that his foreign fan base was very important to him, but he considers the most important thing to be that every person who can connect to their emotional world in some form, washes it through the music and go home recharged.

It’s no secret that we give much more liberated concerts to our compatriots across the border. We, in the motherland, can take a great example from them, and we ourselves have learned a lot from them

– said Gabi. At the same time, the singer also talked about the difficulties he experienced in the past period. He believes that he has already left the negative things behind him and managed to close what happened through music and the band. Now he is concerned with living in the present, because “that way he can give meaning to the past and give a strong link to the future”.

In music, there are no lies, there are no tricks, there are no big wise things, you simply have to close your eyes and listen to what comes from your heart. For me, this is the only channel where I can really show you what I am and what might not come through in the tabloids.

– said the singer, adding that usually when people get to know her, they are positively disappointed in her.