Index – FOMO – Gabi Tóth was hospitalized, posted by Tibor Navracsics

Tibor Navracsics, the Fidesz parliamentary representative, posted a short Facebook post, informing his followers that Gabi Tóth was hospitalized, and therefore the Civil Szalon in Tapolca planned for Friday will be cancelled.

Unfortunately, Gabi Tóth was hospitalized, so today’s Civic Hall in Tapolca will not be held. We wish him well!

Navracsics wrote in his post, adding that all interested parties will be informed about the new date of the event soon.

According to Tények, Gabi Tóth’s husband, Gábor Krausz, wrote in a social media post: “Thank God, there is no serious problem, the scare was bigger, he just needs a little rest, thank you for the well wishes”.

It has become a target lately

Gabi Tóth feels that he has become a target in the recent period. The singer recently appeared on her blog with another piece in which she discussed the accumulated grievances.

As he wrote, a tsunami of hatred flooded him, but he does not know how he deserved it.

What hurts the most is that I really don’t understand what I did to make me have to put up with this. What is the extent of my sin, because of which I have been called an enemy for years? Can wishing the death of my family members and my child go unpunished?

he asked the question then. The singer has since retired from social media indefinitely.

But only partially, because today in a message available on his Instagram page for 24 hours, he announced that he is much better now. As he said, the past period was stressful for me, so he should pick up the pace in the coming months. However, tomorrow’s concert in Szeged will not be missed, because “the love of the audience, the music fills his soul, and this is the most important thing for him.”

(Cover photo: Gabi Tóth on March 1, 2022. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)