Index – FOMO – His wife can’t stand it, David Beckham kicked Ryan Reynolds

In addition to acting, Ryan Reynolds also put himself on the football map. Of course, there is no question that he was an athlete, the star of the Deadpool movies bought the Wrexham football team competing in the fifth division of Wales.

The world’s third oldest established professional football team is no longer shining in its old glory, and Reynolds and his co-owner, also actor Rob McElhenney, who bought half of the club for two million pounds (HUF 932.7 million), would like to change this.

Although the fans of the band in the city were understandably crazy when they heard about the new owners, the actor’s also professional wife, Blake Lively, was not so thrilled with her husband’s announcement. Apparently not to the extent that Reynolds has been fighting for his wife to accept his latest passion since the 2020 marriage.

It should be added that perhaps Reynolds did not serve his wife the best of the purchase…

I have bad news, very bad news. I opened someone’s private message again, but the really bad news is that it made me buy Wrexham in the fifth division of the Welsh National Football League

– the Daily Mail quotes Reynolds, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s evening show, who indicated that another part-owner of the club approached him with the idea, and he did not hesitate to say yes after the message.

His wife, Blake Lively, who was completely left out of the decision, was understandably not overjoyed after the rather strange announcement, and even two years after buying the club, she finds it difficult to accept her husband’s move.

We are still working on getting past this

– said the actor, but despite the disagreement, Reynolds and his wife like to appear in the stands at the team’s matches, which Lively apparently enjoys more and more.

Beckham’s kicking technique is old

However, despite their endless enthusiasm for the football team, neither Reynolds nor McElhenney can be said to be great football experts, which their former English footballer David Beckham quickly spotted, and then kicked the actor, who was already half on the floor due to his wife’s dissatisfaction.

Not without reason, because Beckham could witness quite embarrassing moments. The owner pair were spectacularly happy with a goal in a match played at Wembley, even after the referee disallowed the goal due to offside – of course, the owners did not understand or notice anything.

I looked at Beckham, who was sitting next to us at the match, and he just shook his head at us contemptuously, almost pityingly. It was very humiliating

Reynolds told me about the incident with a laugh.

The actor admitted that he was never a big football fan, and he wasn’t a football fanatic when he became the owner, but that has since changed.

I understood the beautiful disaster, the slow-motion train wreck that is football itself. I am totally obsessed!

he brushed.

They can’t tear themselves away from movies

Maybe it’s professional damage or just a marketing ploy, but the Deadpool actor and McElhenney didn’t break away from the camera even after becoming owners, because the couple is making a film about how the idea came about and how they bought the club that had seen better times before. The camera was already rolling before the sale was concluded, so in the documentary, which will debut on August 24, every little detail regarding the rather strange transaction can be revealed.

The trailer of the film can be seen here:

(Cover photo: Wrexham co-owner Ryan Reynolds takes the field ahead of the Buildbase FA Trophy final at Wembley Stadium, London on May 22, 2022. Photo: Kieran Cleeves / PA Images / Getty Images)