Index – FOMO – Hollókő rider impresses Heidi Klums in America’s Got Talent

Huge Hungarian success in the American talent show: Hungary’s multiple award-winning dog dancer received four yeses in the selection.

One of the details of the Beauty and the Beast Freedom was presented to the jury by Hungary’s most famous dog dancer, who was cheered by Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel along with the audience. Berczes ’Australian Shepherd named Christine Elisabeth and Meredith impressed the jury, and Heidi Klum said the story made it much better than other dog performances. And Sofia Vergara loved Meredith, who was apparently dancing happily.

My dog ​​really enjoyed the show and the audience didn’t want to let him go: they were lined up waiting for them to caress me. We’re excited about the success, but the real recognition for me is when even more people get to know, recognize this sport, and try out dog dancing.

– said the dog breeder living in Hollókő, who not only teaches at home, but also gives classes online, including to owners and puppies in America, Slovenia and Austria.

There are only 8-10 active, professional dog dancers in Hungary, but they are already being looked after worldwide. Two years ago, Berczes Christine Elisabeth took 4th place in the English “Champions League”.