Index – FOMO – In the star Star: The jury did not catch the floor from the bucks, but from the aria

Five players took the stage at Star in the semi-finals of Star’s eighth season, each with two productions. Perhaps no one is arguing that there was someone who was more elusive in terms of the tasks assigned, while others were given performers who seemed unabashed – okay, it is conceivable that everyone will be spun out to the best of their ability in the show, but it is very interesting that there are those who almost only Hungarian performers get it, while Bence Vavra, for example, has now been “drawn” for the existence of a man. Of course, luck is just like that. Let’s get to the productions and let the clothes come.

After the joint production, when the studio was regularly rainbowed, although we had no idea at the time, Attila Till’s attire had already predicted that the color would dominate the show this time around. There is no problem with that, we love red, which, combined with black – and white even in the second round productions – gives a kind of elegance or coolness to the look, depending on what role one appears in. In the case of the members of the jury, say, Ramóna Lékai-Kiss shone in a special blue, which greeted Adrien Szekeres at her first performance, but Pabi Szabi’s dress, for example, was sure to be written in red-white-black. Zalán Makranczi was in line with the color of the chairman of the jury, and Attila Kökény – well, it would be difficult to define him, he bloomed like some other variegated cuckoo egg among the others. With that, we exhausted the current installations, the coolest of which, by the way, belonged to the host and the president.

In the traditional kick-off chat, the finalists did not go away to choose Attila Till as the best male presenter of the year 2021 at the Television Journalists Award Gala last week, which he undoubtedly deserved. Watching TV through the screen also seems like a blood test, but they can really tell you how much those who are watching their work are sitting in the studio. Tilla has an amazing speaker that she can start at any time and always finish what she has to say. By the way, it instills an instinctive cheer that already gives the basic atmosphere to the programs he hosts – in this case, to the broadcasts of Star in Star.

We released the jury

It’s not worth saying too much about scoring, even for a regiment we can only say that it doesn’t make much sense. In addition, in the first half of the current broadcast, the jury completely lost its intended function, scattering the maximums, until Zalán Makranczi finally dared to give nine points to Márk’s production. From then on, the others were “shaken”, at least – no one dared to give less than nine points. Although they had very good insights in the evaluations, they were presumably bothered that their scores would also affect who would be the competitor who could not advance to the finals.

This time, each player was made with two individual productions, and arguably they all put in the maximum. There was no laxity, they were nicely prepared, another question, of course, was whether they managed to perform their performance as would be expected in this show. The effort definitely deserves a main drive, as does the fact that this time they ignored exaggerated parodies, instead of smuggling some humor into their production, they did it mostly tastefully. What we see now is not in chronological order, but in person, and at the end of our report, you can also tell us who you think is worthy of the victory.

Marics Peti is also famous in Spanish

The ValMar duo’s undoubtedly favorite audience singer opened the lineup for productions. Marics Peti first Farruko hiding in his skin, he sang in Spanish, and the most interesting thing about it was that although there were a lot of dancers on stage who he didn’t move beyond his role at all, he was still able to keep his attention all along. The Latin style was good for him, because his vocals, in addition to being very unique with his scratches, make him feel as if he was constantly laughing while singing – and in Latinos, cheerfulness is a kind of basic mood.

For the second time, Marics a Limp Bizkit returned as a singer, the band Rollin’ with the number. The jury did not give a maximum for this, because they think the initial energy disappeared halfway through production. Well, it was a performance that the singer started from an outside venue, which really seemed rougher in that part due to the camera movement and the cuts, but if we look at the original clip or a concert recording from the band, the singer doesn’t hit the ground on them either. . Plus, there was no band here, just four dancers in the background to confess, few to establish the basic mood of the genre. By the way, this style was good for Marics as well, she also pushed the text down the blade, if the choreographers were a little better, the whole thing could have been even more energetic.

András Stohl finally didn’t have much

András Stohl received two Hungarian speakers for the semi-finals. First Bangó Margit hiding in his skin, he tried to prove it. The task was considered easier in that he had to sing in Hungarian, but the fact is that it is almost impossible to imitate the Kossuth Prize-winning singer perfectly – although András Stohl apparently did his best to bring Margit Bangó in her movements and voice, which is to be appreciated. it is also that this time he did not try to get away with the work with humor.

The second task of the actor Zoran it was shaping up, which went surprisingly well. He even brought the singer in a voice, and now he finally didn’t push a single twitch in the production: he performed the Love must pass as you would expect with such a restrained song. He had performed so well in the past when he imitated Tamás Hevesi.

No one cared about Adrien’s cart

Lady GagaAdrien Szekeres arrived on the stage as he was happy with the task because he says he loves the multiple Grammy-winning world star. Gaga is a phenomenon that is terribly difficult to imitate, but Adrien Szekeres has succeeded in many ways. He grabbed it surprisingly well in sound and learned the choreography well, he even had the characteristic phlegm gestures, and although he deteriorated at some point in the production – he started the chorus earlier than he should have – he didn’t fall out of his role, he continued as if we didn’t it would have happened, so it wasn’t really bothering the buck. Although the jury found something objectionable in the evaluation, the singer eventually received 10 points from everyone.

His second production, on the other hand, was already considered less by the finalists. Chelo hiding in his skin, his movements really weren’t as tight as those seen in the original clip, nonetheless he sounded perfectly good in what he needed, and despite the finer movement, he was very much in touch with the dancers on stage. But the fact is that what they saw could not be evaluated with a maximum score.

Everyone broke away from Bence Vavra’s aria

Vavra Bence doesn’t seem to have a chance to make a mistake: whatever task he gets, he always manages to jump. For the first time in the current show, one of the most popular boys’ bands of the nineties, East 17imitated the singer of and then Pitti Katalin hiding in his skin, he sang an opera.

We dare to risk that any other competitor in the latter would fail, perhaps only Adrienn Szekeres could bring this level apart from him, but Vavra would be a man at first, and then even less would he expect to articulate in a female voice, which he nevertheless performed flawlessly. Let’s say he looked a little weird in that tire white dress, but in the meantime he was singing that everyone was holding their breath. No wonder he became the daily winner, leading him straight to the finals.

Man Mark will never be a rock star

At last, the actor was given a task that really worked for him: Mark Mark was well-groomed in Psota Irént could have formed on stage. Although he had exaggerated gestures, some of which Zrán Makranczi objected to, but since the contestant intended the production to be basically humorous, he received only a single deduction for it.

Lenny Kravitz in his role, however, he managed to lose a little again. Although he was much better than when he entered frontman status in previous shows, he couldn’t catch the gist – the jury said he was over-acting at some point, which we don’t necessarily agree with, but specifically we couldn’t tell exactly what was missing from the production. To be sure, the inclusion of girls in swingy dresses was unwarranted, there is nothing like that in the original clip.

András Stohl said goodbye

Before it was revealed who made it to the finals, the I’ll be a star! Tilla invited three actors from the previous season of the show, who entertained the audience with their own songs. The inclusion of István Csiszár, Szilvia Szakács and Alfréd Hadas is not at all surprising when we consider that the I’ll be a star! next season – it doesn’t hurt to make people aware that it’s going to be worth watching the broadcasts.

Although he brought Zorán well, based on the votes of the spectators, András Stohl was the one who had to leave the competition in the end. All this did not cause such a shock, we were pretty sure that two of the semi-finalists would be there in the finals, so any of us could apply for the other two places.

So next Saturday it will be decided which of Bence Vavra, Peti Marics, Adrien Szekeres and Márk Ember will be the most versatile performer in Hungary. Here we would like to thank you for following us through this season and with such great interest in our accounts. Now, we’d just be wondering who, according to the readers of the Index, will win the Star in the Star of 2022, meaning which of the finalists you would like to see at the top of the podium.


(Cover image: TV2)