Index – FOMO – Jason Momoa apologizes naked after taking photos in the Sistine Chapel

Jason Momoa, 42, is currently filming Part 10 of The Deadly Pace in Rome, which will premiere on May 19, 2023.

On May 9, the actor posted pictures of himself during the famous Michelangelo paintings adorning the walls and ceiling of the chapel. To caption, he wrote:

I love you, Italy! What a wonderful start to our holiday in Rome!

However, dissatisfied fans quickly pointed out in the comments that it is typically forbidden for visitors to take photos or videos of the chapel in the Vatican, CNN writes. On Saturday, Momoa posted another video that addressed the discussion, after a short workout, of course.

This is my last day in Rome and I just love you and Italy. If you ever thought I didn’t respect your culture, that wasn’t my intention

He said after putting down the dumbbells.

He paid for the private moment

He mentioned that he had previously visited the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel at the age of 19 or 20. And he gave his fellow passengers money to make the current trip, so that his friends and members of the film crew could join him on their days off after shooting 10th in the Deadly Pace.

I found that people wanted to take photos with me. I was very respectful and asked permission for what I thought was okay. I would never want to do something that is disrespectful to someone else’s culture. If I did, I apologize. I definitely paid for that private moment and made a nice donation to the church.