Index – FOMO – Johnny Depp sent Amber Heard to a warmer climate with a song

The disgraced actor owes his favorable verdict to the fact that Hollywood has finally begun to count him. The litigation with his ex-wife Amber Heard damaged his reputation and many of his fans and even his colleagues turned away from him. The actress accused Depp of physical, mental and sexual abuse, which involved a long series of trials. Jurors ultimately believed the actor, awarding him millions of dollars in damages.

After the verdict, Depp also registered on TikTok to thank everyone who believed in him with a video. This camp, however, did not include his former employer, Disney, who completely renounced him as soon as they found out what he was accused of. Although the film studio has since changed its mind and tried to lure Depp back for more productions with a top offer of 301 million dollars, it seems that money cannot buy him. Since the verdict was announced, Heard has spoken out several times, given an interview, and is reportedly even thinking about writing a book, but Depp has not commented on how the events affected him.

As we wrote, the actor appeared on stage several times at the concerts of one of his friends, Jeff Beck, in England. Music plays a rather important role in his life, so it’s not surprising that former Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck’s recently published 18 his album also has songs that he contributed to. And the lyrics of two songs are more than revealing, as according to the lines, this is how Depp shows his pain to the world, which was caused by the long litigation and the injuries he suffered due to the scandal.

I think you’ve said enough for today

– can be heard in one song, while in another number he sings:

You sit there like a beaten dog.

By the way, the record got the 18 title, as Depp and Beck say they feel just that old when they play music. In addition to the two songs with the actor’s participation, the album also includes various arrangements, including Brian Wilson Caroline, No is Lou Reed Venus and Furs his works are published in a new guise.

Depp knows everything

Perhaps many people don’t know, but in addition to acting, Depp is also active in the music industry, he already has a lot of experience. And he recently announced that he will go on tour next summer with his rock band called Hollywood Vampires, which, in addition to the actor, also includes Joe Perry, Alice Cooper and Tommy Henriksen. The band was founded in 2012 and bears the name of a club founded by Alice Cooper in the 70s. Celebrities including John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon and Micky Dolenz frequented the place.

The band has already released two albums in recent years, featuring legendary singers such as Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, Zak Starkey and Christopher Lee. Their last album was released in 2019, but it’s no surprise that for Depp, the litigation with his ex-wife completely took his focus away from making music. Once the case is over, however, he can indulge his passion again. According to the tour stops announced so far, next year they will play one concert in Luxembourg and Austria, and five in Germany.

(Cover photo: Venla Shalin / Redferns / Getty Images)