Index – FOMO – Justin Bieber no longer sues women accused of sexual harassment

Justin Bieber filed a defamation lawsuit back in 2020 against two women who accused the Grammy-winning musician of sexually harassing them in 2014 and 2015 on Twitter. The musician has now decided not to pursue litigation due to his protracted legal draft, writes Page Six.

One of them alleges Bieber was abused in a hotel in Austin, Texas during a South by Southwest festival in March 2014. The only downside is that Bieber rented his own property in the city during this time, so he didn’t need a hotel room. The other woman, she said, was sexually abused by a teenage singer in New York during the Met Gala, but later admitted she was a huge fan of Bieber, whom she had not met at the time of the crime outlined earlier.

Bieber denied the allegations from the first minute, at the time of which the singer also had an alibi, who filed a $ 20 million ($ 6.7 billion) lawsuit for defamation for defamation.

Bieber, who has indicated to the court hearing the case that he wants to drop the charges, does not appear to be angry. Sources close to the singer said the musician was tired of litigation. He feels he has managed to prove his innocence and doesn’t want to deal with the matter any more.

Hungarian music fans will soon meet Justin Bieber, as the pop star will arrive in Hungary this summer: he will perform at the Sziget Festival.

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