Index – FOMO – Kneaded himself as a taxi driver, raged like a bull

It’s unbelievable, but everyone’s favorite taxi driver and raging bull will be 80 years old next year, and he’s still active: he’s building a film studio, filming, taking care of his grandchildren, but he also expressed his devastating opinion about the war in Ukraine. (“I can’t fathom how the world is going.”)

Unfortunately, in the last twenty years, he hasn’t been given many roles that match his abilities, but in his tortuous career there are quite a few serious and weighty roles, and even among the comedians, there are world-renowned actors. De Niro grew up on the screen, and until his specific gestures and facial expressions burned on him, he was always able to show something new and significant. (His portrayals had such an impact on the generations of actors that followed him that some of them – perhaps not even consciously – completely copied his acting and movements. Just look at Jon Bernthal in the series Ours in the City.)

Then, unfortunately, something broke, or he realized that it’s easier to always reuse the existing one and not look for new ways, or was he boxed into the role of the funny-faced grandfather? We can’t know, but our love for him doesn’t diminish and we trust that he will get more good roles. Apart from the Kia commercials.

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(Cover photo: Robert De Niro. Photo: Valerie Macon/AFP)