Index – FOMO – Mayan László Horváth’s spinner: As I look, he has a lot of experience in swallowing

László Horváth, the director of the Fonó Buda Music Hall, recently gave an interview to the Index in connection with the PajtaKult project launched last autumn, which aims to coordinate the cultural efforts that take place in barns, barns or similar industrial buildings in the Carpathian Basin. During the discussion, he reported in detail on their plans, for which they receive significant financial support – the project was supported by the Petőfi Cultural Agency, the National Cultural Fund and the Hungarian Academy of Arts, and the Szentendre Open-Air Museum and House of Traditions as professional partners.

He also thanked two people: Szymárd Demeter, who felt that the Petőfi Cultural Agency felt the weight of the project, so last year and this year they added 50 million forints, and Balázs Bús, the head of the NKA – 700 million forints a year. they hope forint. In addition, they are confident that Csaba Káel, CEO of Müpa, has found another influential supporter.

At the end of the interview, he felt the need to single out some Hungarian performers by name, whom he thought had no place on the palette, because he thought their production was ghostly. He put it exactly:

We would strengthen the spiritual force field, which is why we look at a bamboo when politics brings to life a world represented by Victory, Majka, and Little Count, which you cannot swallow or spit out after a while. Like Zoltán Mága, we may forget, because I don’t think these witty productions have a place on the palette. Culture should finally start working in the valuable spiritual force because in the long run it will stay up and it will be authentic. He who thinks in culture thinks in value and does not fall into such a momentary fad.

Although Péter Majoros is currently in Las Vegas based on pictures posted on his social media pages, he seems to be watching the domestic news from there as well. László Horváth’s statement also reached him, and as we have become accustomed to, he reacted publicly to what he had read and to the statements contained in it that were offensive to his work.

According to László Horváth (Fonó Budai Zeneház), for me, Majka “has no place on the palette”. With his victory and Count, he mentions me on a platform (very correctly) who has only been performing with an orchestral formation for ten years, in front of the largest audience. Three years ago, we toured the country with the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra, this year with the Swing formation … As Mr. Horváth puts it in an interview with Index: “culture should finally start working in the valuable intellectual space”. WTF ??????

– the rapper was puzzled in his Facebook post, and then explained in detail what he thought about László Horváth and how much financial support the PajtaKult project would receive while they were living off the market.

“It’s one thing that we couldn’t be there at any of our concerts. He prefers to rub near the meat pot. He recently fits into this mission, most recently as chairman of the PKÜ College of Light Music, voting for the maximum grant of 37 million for the institution he runs (just as the other member of the college, the founder of the Budapest Music Center, also pocketed the maximum of 37 million). We obviously do not receive support from the professional college, which has hundreds of millions of state resources – which he runs – even if we apply, he is in a better position. Then he has problems with our production, which lasts from the market (!), With the last 23-member band, 4 vocalists, 10 dancers touring in sports halls … Last year we only filled Budapest Park 3 times sold out. This spring, no one has done such a tour, especially on our own, like our production, ”Majka explained, asking the question:

What is it, if not to look down on Hungarian music culture, those who want to have fun, and those who go to light music concerts?

“I know we would be of much greater cultural value if we organized fruit days and Huun Huur tu concerts, but then we would be forced to support ourselves from various subsidies and not on a market basis … To make it profitable, we would have to sit in some presidency chair (like the example shows). But we don’t sit … we have too much sense of justice to endure with a closed mouth among the many freebies … And then we also have our barn, all over the country, it’s called a sports hall and we fill it up without support … ”he noted to end, inserting one more:

He says he looks at a bull, can’t swallow or spit … and as I look, he has a lot of experience swallowing …

You can find Majka’s entry here.