Index – FOMO – The career of the stuntman of the Battle of the Thrones is in the waist, demanding millions

He sued for four million pounds, or 1.7 billion forints Game of Thronest production company, Fire and Blood Productions Ltd., Casey Michaels, who appeared several times as a stuntman in the series. Michaels claims it is the eighth season The Long Night During the filming of his episode, he was injured in his leg as he was just jumping off a rooftop.

He said it was all because the soil he had arrived on was not safe at all

Writes the Daily Mail.

Michaels, 32, said the injuries he suffered while shooting the series in Northern Ireland had ended his stunt career and he had lost all hope of becoming a stunt coordinator or director in the future. The £ 4 million claimed from the company also consisted of future revenue lost due to its injury.

The company is multiplying the amount claimed

Fire and Blood, however, denies the charges against them and is willing to fight for the truth in the Supreme Court as well.

According to documents filed with the court, Michaels’s accident occurred on February 5, 2018, when he had to jump off a height that was unsuitable. As the woman’s lawyer stated at the trial, although there is a recording of Michaels walking with his companions in that area, it is not possible to clearly take out the part of the video where the stuntman suffered the alleged injury.

A company representative said

do not deny their responsibility,

however, they overestimate the amount claimed by Michaels, as there is no guarantee at all that he would have had that much income since the injury.

Casey Michaels a Game of Thrones in addition, he has appeared in dozens of films and series. Among other things, the Star Warshe also appeared as a stuntman in movies. It has been a double so far for stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger and Julianne Moore.