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We were a little worried yesterday, but now the VOLT Festival is much better, in terms of the number of visitors. Though the weather showed a pretty alarming picture, we were already talking in the afternoon about what would happen if the sky fell and we would be forced to cancel The Killers concert after the unexpectedly ill Yungblud. Luckily, though, it rained for a while, it ended up holding up enough for the American band to push off their party.

An hour later, at 4pm, we arrived at the festival – the news came that Yungblud was unable to attend the event, which was quite disappointing because after last year’s MTV EMA gala evening, where he was also among the winners. I was terribly curious about his production. Thursday’s program was transformed on the big stage, but there were no such problems with Wednesdays, they arrived in a nice queue, and the planned performers started their concerts at the pre-announced time.

The Brains team was the first to be seen by the audience, with their fast-paced songs already pounding the people between 5 and 7 p.m., and at three-quarters the first international team arrived: Skillet took the stage and house ”at their concert, they had a good beef party, moving nicely to those who honored them with their presence. By the way, the frontman was apparently not bothered at all by the fact that people are busier, he addressed them several times between songs, giving thanks that they can finally play live after a long break.

Life at the festival

In the meantime, I looked around a bit in the festival area, where on the second day more people were already moving. The dojem operated in a surprising way, many people also paid for the opportunity to lift them high with a crane not far from the big stage, from where the events can be seen from a bird’s eye view – as I found out, this can be tried for 5,000 forints.

Speaking of prices, I wasn’t too surprised when I paid for my first drink: there was news before that a beer could crawl over a thousand forints at the festivals, Sopron would be tapped for 950 on the VOLT and repo for You have to pay 600 forints. By the way, the drinks are offered in the festival area at a unit price, even in the on-site grocery store you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic nectar for the same amount. The price of coffee, on the other hand, is quite drastic: an espresso starts at 699 forints, and the more lustful the variation, the higher the price.

The restaurants offer a variety of dishes, from gyros to burgers and pancakes to a variety of menus. Perhaps the cheapest hot dog, which can be tasted for 1,300 forints, the other dishes range from 2,000 to 5,000 forints. Of course, the organizers are well aware that the tents are constantly in the festival area – it can be cost-effective for them and anyone else to shop at the on-site grocery store, where I looked very much when I saw that tomatoes were measured at 499 forints, is relatively cheap compared to Here, by the way, you can get anything from simple pastries to a slice of muesli at a relatively reasonable price, or you can buy toiletries, which again only serve tents.

The Killers waved at the photographers

After the Skillet, the Bagossy Brothers Company slammed into the strings on the big stage. The band from Gyergyószentmiklós is currently one of the most popular bands in Hungary, but now I felt that due to the differences in style, they should not have been included in the program after Skillet, or maybe it would have been luckier to change the two bands. stands for The Killers, who was the headliner of Wednesday. By the way, the Bagossians brought nicely what the audience expected of them, building the setlist on their best-known songs, but with the slower-paced songs and applause, I felt like the party had slowed down a bit, especially after the energetic crushing of Skillet.

The Killers took the stage at 10.30. Members could be expected not to interview anyone, but inexplicably, they were even banned from photographing their concert. It always comes out a little weird, because in addition to the lyrics, we’d be happy to show you what the band was made of, but unfortunately they didn’t want to. The concert was completely okay anyway, in addition to the professional sound, great visuals, laser lights and double confetti brightened the party, so in retrospect I feel the Muse exploded much bigger on Tuesday night.

Of course, many people were waiting for The Killers, even some Hungarian musicians came to the party: I met Tamás Molnár on the first day, he was curious about both headliners, and on Wednesday the drummer of Hooligans, Kiss Endi, also appeared. Members of the Bagossy Brothers Company and Brains also appeared in the audience of The Killers, but the founder of the Sziget Festival, Károly Gerendai and the founding CEO of Budapest Park, András Pálffy, were also present at the VOLT on Wednesday.

The fact that more people came to the event on the second day also showed that a good number of audiences were partying at the other venues, even when The Killers was crushing on the big stage. One of the festivals ’favorite teams, Paddy and the Rats, has been driving the audience on Telekom Kraft, while Krúbi has been driving the audience on stage called Beko.

(Cover image: Karip Tímea / Index)