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Suri Cruise celebrated her 15th birthday in April this year – it is rumored that this was the first time she had spent without her father. Tom Cruise and his daughter last appeared together in public in 2013, and since then, everyone has been whispering that the actor has become completely alienated from her child with Katie Holmes. If this is indeed the case, what could be the reason?

In the United States, National Girls ’Day was celebrated in the days, in celebration of which Katie Holmes even shared a lovely photo on her Instagram, presumably showing her hands and her daughter’s shoes.

Tom Cruise may have forgotten about this holiday, as he had not published anything like it. Cruise and Holmes divorced in 2012, not too peacefully. The actress is said to have had enough of her husband’s bullying and most importantly, the Church of Scientology, forced to teach their common daughter. He asked for exclusive custody of Suri, eventually agreeing that Tom Cruise could see his little girl, but only under certain conditions unknown to the public. It seems that the actor did not want to live with these.

Several also tried to decipher what could have led to the family exploding. Arguably, the actor’s most common excuse for skipping meetings is that he’s extremely busy. Of course, this is not an issue either, as the actor travels from shoot to shoot. When Suri, for example, celebrated his 15th birthday, he a Mission Impossible he was filming the seventh on the other side of the world. However, this is probably not the only reason for alienation.

Because Katie Holmes contradicted her husband’s creed, Scientology, she became an undesirable figure for that church. He became a certain oppressor with whom it was not advisable to keep in touch.

Church policy is that you cannot be attached to someone who has committed an oppressive act, something that I or Katie

Leah Remini, a former member of the Church of Scientology, told the Daily Mail earlier.

Complicating matters further was the fact that after the divorce, Katie began dating one of her ex-husband’s buddies, Jamie Foxx, and they have been together ever since, supposedly in great love.

According to the Daily Mail, Suri and his father spent a few days together in 2016, but the meeting was very discreet, the actor didn’t want to be surrounded by photographers – so it turns out that Cruise might meet his daughter, just keeping the child a secret. to protect your privacy. This is also an option, but their acquaintances say otherwise. Although a Hollywood Life source said in 2019 that Tom Cruise still loves Suri and has no intention of becoming estranged from him, most are rumored that the actor hasn’t been a part of his daughter’s life at all for many years.

Suri anyway, you know, you’re fine without the actor, although it’s a fact that the father is irreplaceable. In any case, the 15-year-old gets along well with Katie Holmes ’partner and spends a lot of time with her mother’s family. They currently live in California, Nicki Swift wrote earlier.

What about the other kids?

As for Tom Cruise, he has two other children besides Suri. Bella and Connor were already adults, they were adopted with Nicole Kidman. They are said to have a somewhat closer relationship, but the case is also twisted in their direction. They are both members of the Church of Scientology and have a loose relationship with both of their parents. For example, none of them attended Bella’s wedding, but Tom Cruise also paid for the secret wedding ceremony and the afterparty, according to the People. Connor was also asked about his relationship with his parents a few years ago, he succinctly replied, of course, how they keep in touch, after all, it’s about his parents.

In terms of the actor’s femininity, she recently became a single. After divorce from Katie Holmes a Mission Impossible he began a lasting relationship with his colleague he met on the set, but recently their relationship also ended. Insiders said he and Hayley Atwell had a very intense love affair, they were inseparable during the filming, but after finishing the work, they decided to break up after about a year of walking together. The couple’s different but very saturated calendar was said to have played a role in the separation, and their relationship would have been quasi-incompatible – perhaps just as it was with her daughter.

(Cover photo by Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise in 2009. Photo: James Devaney / WireImage / Getty Images)



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