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Although months have passed since the scandalous Oscar slap, its echo is still felt today. The parties blew each other angrily and then joked about what happened, but the story didn’t go well for everyone, as Will Smith’s hand at the awards ceremony.

The actor took quite a bit of an ominous slap, was deprived of his academic membership, and for a long time it seemed he could say goodbye to his newly won award. Although neither the award was lost there nor a police report was made in the case, Smith has almost disappeared from the public eye since the incident, and his joke-offended wife has made only a few shorter statements about what happened.

This silence has now been broken by Jada Pinkett Smith, who wants things sorted out between her husband and the puffed-up comedian, who, despite the ill-fated joke, considers Chris Rock an intelligent and valuable person, writes Toofab.

In connection with the Oscar evening, my most sincere hope is that these two intelligent, talented people will have the opportunity to be spiritually healed, to talk about what happened, and then to reconcile. In today’s world, we need both of them, in fact, we all need each other more than ever.

Said Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk. In addition to what happened at the Oscars, he dedicated the broadcast to his illness. Jada Pinkett Smith has been suffering from alopecia for years and has also lost her hair as a result.

I can be very upset about this because there is a lot of hurt and shame for those suffering from the disease. I think the part that was the hardest for me was that it all came suddenly. You’re just going through something magical, and then all of a sudden you have to shave your head

– He told.

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Jada Pinkett Smith was still diagnosed with the disease in 2018, which affected her hair crown to such an extent that she was forced to shave her head bald. Nevertheless, he has always treated his struggle with full openness, not denying how difficult a period he is going through.

It was awesome when it started. One day I was in the shower and had a handful of hair left in my hand, immediately thinking, “God, am I balding?”

He said then, noting that he had undergone all sorts of tests, but at first they did not know what the problem might be, only later it turned out that he had alopecia. He added he also found a treatment to slow down hair loss, but was open to other methods as well. Apparently, baldness persists, yet he feels he has learned to live with the disease.

Will Smith’s wife devoted this week’s own show entirely to illness, where she and several of her peers toured the hardships and misconceptions that came with it. The full broadcast can be viewed here:

(Cover photo by Chris Rock and Will Smith on July 20, 2005. Photo: Lee Celano / WireImage / Getty Images)