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2021.11.24. 11:22

A verdict has been handed down in a sex video blackmail case involving Karim Benzema, according to French media.

The case began back in 2015 when 52-time French national footballer Mathieu Valbuena complained in June of that year that an unknown had called him and told him he had a compromising video about him. The caller suggested “arranging” the case, but did not talk about the amount of money, but threatened to make the recording public if he was not paid.

According to the indictment, Benzema was persuaded by a childhood friend to act as a mediator, reaching out to Valbuena to match her blackmailer.

According to the verdict, Real Madrid’s classic is guilty,

he was sentenced to one year in prison and is also required to pay 75,000 euros.

(Cover image: Getty Images)

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