Index – In the meantime – At the request of his fans, Alee tattooed Jimmy Zámbó’s crown on himself

The winner of the previous season of the X-Factor reported in his Instagram story, available for a limited time, that he got a tattoo on his face – poked it out the After that, the young rapper encouraged his fans to write what they would like to see on him, and he even sewed it onto himself with his tattoo artist.

Skakok, there is a lot of interactivity, tell me what to sew for myself, I will sew for myself today. I’m already in such good shape that I can sew for myself. The point is that it should be ugly and some idiotic shit, so push it.

– he started on the rapper’s social media page, and soon he showed him that the tattoo was really done.

Skacok, most of you wrote Jimmy Zámbó’s crown before scolding the tattooist, I published it, the main thing is that it should be very forgettable. Compared to that, it was very good. Zambo Jimmy crown on me.

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2023-06-01 00:20:53