Index – In the meantime – Attila Árpa registered on Tinder, but was blocked after three days

Now, according to his own admission, the filmmaker is celibate.

Although Attila Árpa tried to find a partner in front of the whole country in autumn, in the end the Tv2 dating show was not successful, love did not happen The Great He-from. The filmmaker talked about it several times afterwards, probably because of his fast-paced life, Cupid’s arrow didn’t hit him yet, but he was still confident that the real one was waiting for him somewhere.

His attitude towards things has changed a bit now.

“I have no private life, none at all. So much so that I can’t even call myself single. I simply don’t have the urge to be in a relationship,” began Árpa Borsnak, who recently tried Tinder, but her online dating career ended quickly.

After three days, the system was blocked because my page was marked as a fake profile. I don’t mind. Then, if I see a pretty woman on social media, I don’t even think of writing her, I don’t want to get to know her. I’m not attracted to a new person and his new habits, idiosyncrasies, the excitement of getting to know him. I recharge in a different way now. We can say that I am celibate

– declared the filmmaker, who prefers to spend his free time with his daughter or friends.