Index – In the meantime – Drew Barrymore responded in song to Hugh Grant, who said his singing voice was worse than a dog barking

Hugh Grant has been going big lately, his boring interview at the Oscars caused more excitement than the award ceremony itself, and he wrote his name in gold in the big book of irresistible stars. However, there are those who admire him for this very reason, and it doesn’t bother him if they target him.

Drew Barrymore a on his talk show comes to his defense, saying that Grant only expresses it in this particular way when he likes someone. “You expect the charming movie star to confront you, but all you get is a grumpy Grant, and you don’t even realize you’re totally into grumpy Grant. When he says things like that, he’s just joking, he doesn’t want to hurt you,” said the actress, who co-starred with the British star in the 2007 film Music and Lyrics.

Working together left a deep impression on Grant, he mentioned to Wired just last week that he has been unable to get Barrymore’s terrible vocals out of his head ever since.

I know dogs whose bark is better

Grant gave the sensitive example, but even with that he didn’t manage to hook the actress, who sent this song to him and everyone who loves him in response: