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Dorottya Németh bravely shares photos of herself that were not taken at the perfect angle, light, makeup, or composition.

The posts shared by world fitness champion Dorottya Németh on her Facebook page are hugely popular. The personal trainer it also dares to show the unvarnished realitybecause it wants to draw attention to the fact that no one should compare themselves to users who try to set themselves up as perfect.

“You see a picture on Instagram/Face that’s cool. Which is nice. Which is always in a perfect angle, light, make-up and composition. Which suggests that the other is happy. No problem. Thin. Successful. Always tip-top, good mother, good wife. You see a lot of these pictures on Instagram, and you start to compare yourself to them involuntarily, to feel bad, to hate yourself, why can’t you be like that… And then you forget

it’s actually just what the other person wants to show of themselves. It’s true a lot of the time, and that’s part of it, but even then it’s not 100% who it is. And many times it’s just a created someone, born of a hunger for love, who only exists here, in the instauniverse. In any case, no one is as perfect as they show here.

I am often strong, determined, almost invincible. Motivated. Energetic. And many times he is tired, fallible, a nervous wreck, with the waves crashing over his head. Anyone trying to survive in the logistics black hole with common sense. You “know” the former, you follow, and that’s why I feel it is my duty to show the latter, who is at least as much me from behind the phone, in the real world,” reads the mother’s post.

The fitness champion boldly publishes videos like this and this one:

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2023-06-08 15:32:58