Index – In the meantime – Judge Ica retired: “Metal Lady will never be an aunt”

Although the fitness expert is advancing in age, he does not plan to slow down.

The Metal Lady has retired, but she continues to work, and the idea of ​​writing a book also preoccupies her. In addition, the versatile media personality has been trying out a new role for some time, and now he spoke frankly about his future plans.

Although I have retired, Metal Lady will never be an aunt: I have to keep spinning, because of the events of the past period. There is no comfortable, well-deserved rest after decades of hard work. I recently started working at Buda Regional Television as a reporter. It’s a task that keeps you moving; we go to events from which I report and do interviews

– began the fitness expert, who was able to see how such processes take place during his media appearances over the past decades, so he easily got used to his new duties.

Behind Hungary’s first fitness lady are difficult years, in which there were evictions, opaque real estate cases, and court hearings. He is also interested in the idea of ​​writing a book: it was published in 2005 Secrets of renewal volume, which he would republish expanded with the experiences he has gained since then.

“Many people ask me to write my ‘horror novel’ – referring to his ordeal, during which two of his properties, including his beauty studio, were taken away by the executors. – The thought is not far from me, I have something to tell, but I would like the book to have a happy ending. According to the signs, there is a greater chance of this now than ever, because the bailiff who also acted in my case was found out in court that he took his authority for money, so it is quite possible that his actions are without legal effect. The case is not closed yet, there is only a first instance order, but I am confident that maybe I can get my real estate back, but I will definitely receive compensation. If this happens, then my book will have a happy ending. I trust in the best, I feel that after the hell of the past years, my time has come in 2023; only good things have happened to me so far, and I hope it stays that way,” the former model told Blikk.

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2023-05-21 13:31:56