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Balázsé Sebestyén shared their opinion about the secrets of being a celebrity.

Balázs Sebestyén and his fellow presenters a Balázsek in their radio show, they talked about the social perception of celebrities Asia Express regarding the characters of the fourth season. Among other things, it was also mentioned that this year’s adventure reality from South America will be the first major program where Alekos, who has been neglected for a long time, will be featured again. The former VV player upset people on his way there, but the radio broadcasters thought they could discover the difference from the characters of today’s reality shows precisely in his scandalous statements.

Think about it, you’re a celebrity; I don’t call them living celebrities, because you don’t have to do a lot of work, she lives off being a celebrity. You go to a Troll, you go to a TV2 program for a bit, you go to a Gyertek átr!, you come to us. You collect HUF 3-4-5 million per month in such a way that you actually live on yourself. It’s okay that the same 50-70 faces are spinning, but how cool can you make a living from this…

– explained Sebestyén, who believes that the lifestyle has now become a real profession. –

I don’t mean like a medical or engineering profession, but I don’t look down on them, we make a living from them. (…) The viewers don’t get bored of them either, there is a demand for them. 60 percent of all programs are designed with celebrities: reality shows, cooking shows, dance shows, singers… the fact is that the market absorbs a staggering amount. You make a very good living from this, it has become an interesting profession

– said the radio host, adding: he completely understands the phenomenon, why many young people want to choose being a flu agent as a profession.

“I understand today’s young people who set themselves the goal of wanting to do this. The celebrity became an example to follow, a good livelihood factor. They make a lot of money easily, post, go here and there, why wouldn’t I want to be that? It became a value in a strange way. A working model”, they explained in the broadcast.