Index – In the meantime – Szonja Oroszlán: I never wanted children

The actress believes that just because she is a woman, she does not have to become a mother.

Photo: Tímea Karip / Index

Oroszlán Szonja Rónai Egon Pulling was a guest on her show, where she confessed honestly that she only wanted to be a mother for a long time because she wanted to meet society’s expectations.

To be honest, I never wanted children, so it wasn’t hard to give up motherhood. After all, I live a hectic life, I’m always going somewhere, and I have an incessant desire to keep my freedom. The child did not fit into this way of life

said the actress, who took a long time to admit to herself that she did not desire motherhood. In the beginning, she wanted to meet social expectations for a long time, but now she can speak openly and honestly about her decision.

I had to realize that having children just wasn’t for me and I didn’t want to. It was very reassuring when I admitted this to myself, and from then on I didn’t cringe about it anymore. I easily talk about this topic to others and always say that it is my decision. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I have to become a mother.

– explained Szonja Oroszlán in the program of ATV’s YouTube channel, which was watched by Blikk.

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2023-05-30 12:15:20