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The singer and Joci Pápai gave a performance for elementary school students.

Gabi Tóth and Joci Pápai recently visited an elementary school, where they told the students a story within the framework of an unusual teacher’s lesson. Among other things, they talked about their school years, the difficulties they faced in achieving their dreams, as well as bullying at school, in connection with which the singer gave her own example to the students.

I know exactly what it’s like to be mocked. I was hurt a lot, and even now I get a lot of negative criticism. But remember one thing, never let your self-confidence be taken away!

– was said at the meeting, and then the singer told Bors in more detail about these abuses, which left a deep mark on her.

“I clearly remember being teased many times in my top. It was then that who wore what clothes became stronger, and I didn’t have too many pants or shoes, so I always wore the same ones. They always hurt me with that, and it stayed with me… Anyway, I vowed then that when I got my first big salary, I would buy myself the sneakers of my dreams in three colors, and they would always be different on my feet. That’s how it turned out,” recalled Gabi Tóth, who, although she claims to be a sensitive person, managed to learn how to deal with these situations over the past years.

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2023-05-20 04:55:04