Index – In the meantime – The Gabi Tóths shared more details about the possibility of adoption

The star couple is ready to make another serious decision.

As we previously reported, Gabi Tóth and her husband Gábor Krausz decided to leave the noise of the capital behind and start a new life in the countryside with their daughter. The couple found their dream home in Budapest’s catchment area, but the family nest is not yet completely finished due to the ongoing renovation work. However, it seems that everything is slowly falling into place and the family can finally move in. In an interview, Gábor Krausz reported that they are over hard months, but also revealed that they are thinking about expanding their family.

We talk a lot about this, we think about it a lot. The age difference would also be good right now, but we don’t know which hand to bite. The first three years are difficult for the mother, we are just getting over it. It’s good to have a brother, Gabi can also count on Vera. I, on the other hand, did not have such a close relationship with my sister. Adoption can be an AB option, we have a few close friends who have succeeded and it’s wonderful!

– opined the star chef, and then continued –

I turned 41 in March, we have to look at what options we have. But we didn’t rule out having another child of our own either. Hanni also came when she wanted, if another child wants to come to us, she will come, we won’t do anything about it

– revealed the Hot! magazine by Gábor Krausz, which was quoted by Ripos.

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2023-05-25 15:41:19