Index – In the meantime – The life of the former member of the Black Train seems to be settling down

In the past period, the life of Beat, i.e. Tibor Fehér, slipped deeper and deeper, but now it seems that he has finally managed to pull himself together.

Photo: RTL

The rapper previously said that he felt the Arena concert intended for their return performance was the peak of his professional life, but financially he reached a rock bottom, as he had put everything on it. The musician moved out of home in November of last year, then he did not immediately go to a worker’s hostel, as was later written, but stayed in a hotel, which he presumably paid for with the advance of the concert. A few months ago, however, Beat even had to leave the workers’ hostel, since then he is looking for a sublet, he goes to perform, and his love life has also smoothed out, and his happiness is at its peak when his second grandchild was born.

He calmed down a bit, reassessed the things around him. He cannot get his family back completely, because his ex-wife ended their life together, but at least he could see his grandson

– said one of Beat’s acquaintances to Blikk.

At one time, the former member of the Black Train was able to stay afloat by gambling and with the help of his friends, while trying to turn everything into money. However, the situation seems to have changed: Beat’s acquaintances said that there are still people who support him and try to guide him on the right path.

Maybe his children will forgive him, but they need time. Finally, the scandal around him seems to subside, music will be his way out of the bad period

the acquaintance revealed.

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2023-05-27 15:02:35