Index – In the meantime – The recent trailer for Barbie finally sheds light on the story of the film, which is recommended to haters of the game

The long trailer started with an unusual slogan and a new version of Aqua’s legendary song.

In the 21st century, Greta Gerwig and her team did something worthy of a minor miracle – they filmed a rather large-scale movie full of stars, and then kept its content completely secret for almost two years. As long as we know that the Barbie-film, everyone guessed as one person what it would be about. However, we have not received concrete answers so far, the actors and crew members have kept their mouths shut about the story. THE Barbie however, the veil finally falls in the recent, nearly 3-minute long trailer:

Based on the first clips of the trailer, the fabulous life of Margot Robbie’s Barbie suddenly “goes wrong” and things start to happen to her that only happen to real people: she can no longer float between floors, her shower water becomes cold, her heels hit the ground, and more the thought of death also begins to preoccupy him. So she visits the slightly worn but wiser Barbie, played by Kate McKinnon, to find out how to get her old life back, which leads to one path – yes, she has to leave Barbie Land and try her luck in the real world. Ken accompanies him on the road, and their duo visits hospitals, prisons, schools, and even the management of the toy company. The film’s slogan is also telling:

If you hate Barbie, this movie is for you.

In the trailer, Dua Lipa debuted her new track yesterday, Cass Elliot’s evergreen hit, and Aqua Barbie girlwe can also listen to the renovated version of the song, and based on what we have seen, all we can say is: we just have to wait for July 20!

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2023-05-26 09:35:15