Index – In the meantime – The wedding went well, even though the bride broke her leg in the process

Like all large-scale events, weddings don’t usually go exactly according to plan, this is part of life. However, there were more than a few minor blunders at this ceremony, as the bride unfortunately ended the celebration with a broken leg. “Nothing beats breaking your leg at your wedding,” the macaw captioned the pictures on social media. At that time, the bride did not explain how the accident happened, instead she shared a series of photos.

Fortunately, it looked stunning in every picture, but unfortunately in most it was completely horizontal. She and her fiance appeared to be in good spirits despite the more serious horror as she was pictured lying on the ground with her worried family around her. “It was only an hour away from the wedding when it happened (honestly the timing was good!) so I couldn’t go back but we still had the after party,” she wrote in the comments. Finally, he explained that he was injured when he was lifted onto a chair during a traditional dance at his wedding and lost his balance, which is when the accident happened.