Index – In the meantime – Viki Békefi and Feng Ya Ou wrote a song for their unborn daughter, the baby’s name is also revealed

Now the child of the star couple can be born at any time.

Viktória Békefi and Feng Ya Ou will soon face the joys of parenthood, as the singer is pregnant with her first child. The star couple announced the freshman news (as well as the fact that they secretly tied the knot) back in January, and now they are in the final stages: officially there are two weeks left until the arrival of the baby, but their little girl could be born practically at any time.

They told about these last days spent together on Tuesday morning In mocha where the young people revealed that they also wrote a duet for their baby.

“The point is that the song itself was born, for which we shot the music video. The apropos of the whole thing is not only the arrival of the baby, but we connected its appearance with the birth of the baby, so there is no stated premiere date, as is usually the case with performers, but actually the birth of the baby will determine when the song will be released,” explained the future father and his wife added that there will be a twist at the end of the song:

“His name will also be revealed in the video. We wanted to keep this to ourselves, but now we thought that if it was born, we would say it together with this song.”

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2023-05-23 12:41:34