Index – Meanwhile – The Zámbó family also spoke about the dispute between Alekosz and Peter Srámek

As we reported, the former actor of ValóVilág was completely captivated by the mini-series about the life of the late singer legend. Later, he also found out that Peter Srámek, who cooperates in the series, recently bought Jimmy’s old favorite Mercedes. According to Alekosz, the train would rather be in a museum in Csepel, he believes. it is not right for the young singer to own it. It makes him feel as if he is putting himself in the role of royalty.

Photo: Facebook

Peter Srámek’s answer did not fail either: the singer called his critic a celebrity without a product, who only wants to generate attention in this way. After that, according to Alekosz, Srámek’s manager also called him and threatened to report him.

“I was really shocked, I was very surprised by the manager’s style. That is, the lack of style. He practically referred to my mother and called me a bitch. He also threatened to report to the police. Of course, I asked back on what basis? What is the competence of the police in this matter? Then, instead of explaining the matter objectively, he began to insult her even more intensively,” Alekosz told Ripost.

Alekos and The king The Zámbó family did not leave the discussion of Peter Srámek, who lent the voice of Jimmy Zámbó in the series, unsaid. The Greek celebrity also said that a family member of the late singer approached him and completely agreed with him.

I honestly confessed on Facebook about the conflict between the manager of Peter Srámek and myself, which I think could have been discussed in the manner of adult, intelligent people. He was unable to do that. After my post, one of Jimmy’s relatives, whom I don’t want to name, contacted me. The point is that he completely stood up for me and even said amazing things about the manager

Alekosz told Bors.

According to his claim, the Zámbó family had several conflicts with the person, precisely because of the unqualified style, which I myself was offended by. I also found out that they mentioned this to him, but they didn’t manage to change anything. This is no longer about Peter Srámek, but rather about the manager.