Index ROBOR has reached the level record of the last three years


the Index ROBOR at three months, depending on which is calculated the cost of loans in mdl with the floating interest rate, has made a new leap Tuesday, to 1.92%, after yesterday climbing up from 1.89%, while ROBOR six months advanced in a slower pace, to 2,07%.

the Index has never had a level over 1.9% in November 2014.

the Interest on the lei they began to climb in September, on the background of a restriction of liquidity from the system. Robor at three months recorded an increase of over a percentage point in the last year. Any movement of the ROBOR is reflected in the monthly rate to customers with loans in lei.

Analysts believe that the rise in the last few months ROBOR is temporary, the majority of predicting a stabilisation of the indicator up to a level of 1.3-1.5 % until the end of the year. The voices pesimite indicates a ROBOR than 2% at the end of this year and even 5% in the next six months.

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