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For the first time in a quarter of an hour, “Gossip, cover up!” from the guest sector of the New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium.

At that time, MTK led to 1–0 against Debrecen, and the goal situations were worked out one by one by the host, who is also not in a very enviable position. Let’s add quickly: to the great delight of Imre Móré, 90, who is sitting next to me in the auditorium, a player in the legendary MTK of the late 1940s. As the minutes grew, the sports director of Debrecen was called twice more by unsolicited words to change the environment, and then towards the end of the half the song was encrypted, now “Kxrva is weak!” choral work with the text.

The not-so-building style performance was watched by Balázs Dzsudzsák from the small bench with stubborn consistency by some pro-government organs and one of our ministers, with minor injuries according to the official version, but why not sit down between exchanges? Juji once threw a plastic water bottle in the middle of the field, of course only when the game was standing. Federal captain Marco Rossi and his loyal helper, Cosimo Inguscio, who looked at the New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium for the first time in the fall, could do so with confidence, as Giovanni Costantino, who left him and the national team, was no longer the coach of MTK. (Who, by the way, the Mister doesn’t even know, according to one of the press conferences, somehow, just as Sir Oliver Yolland didn’t know his best friend, Livingstone, in The Invisible Legion …)

The break is an excellent opportunity for the people to find out a little bit about what is going on behind the scenes in Debrecen.

We know that on Thursday, Szabolcs Huszti (who was Tőzsér’s roommate in the national team, hence the close friendship) and his stroman, Gábor Toldi, a pro license, were appointed and temporarily replaced by Gergő Jeremiás. who, the local legend, Tibor Dombi, helps them, and the eternal firefighter of the big forest, András Herczeg, provides them with professional advice. The legendary status of “Bandi ba” is unquestionable in the civic city, with two league titles, BL and El group rounds, two seasons ago he was elected coach of the year and even awarded the Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit.

As I find out, he has a constant cell phone connection with Jeremiah, who sits on a small bench, and the advice of the much-seen specialist has access to the virtually unknown pop-up.

Former owner Gábor Szima – who was financially worn out by the Orbán government’s decision nine years ago to ban gaming machines – withdrew from Loki last summer.

In the last fifteen months, a triumvirate has been in control of the events: Lajos Kósa, Member of Parliament, President of the DVSC Association, László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen and Péter Szabó, Chairman of the Board of DVSC Futball Zrt. This lineup roughly reflects the ownership structure because the DVSC Egyesület owns 60.05 percent, the Debrecen local government owns 24.83 percent, DVSC Futball Zrt. Owns 13.08 percent of the shares, and the remaining two percent is distributed among minority shareholders. (Company manager Zsolt Ábrók is actually a handball specialist, but he also has a say in what happens around the football team.)

The process, launched last July with the appointment of Dániel Tőzsér as sports director, which eventually brought the team back to NB I, was named by the fans as the Old Boys Project.

Szabolcs Huszti, who replaced Elemér Kondás, who was relocated in February this year and has no A or pro license, and Gábor Toldi, the nominal head coach with the necessary papers, wanted to build NB I on the pillars of Loki’s success period returning team.

(For the sake of complete truth, it should be noted that according to our sources in Debrecen, the production is not as steel now as it was at the time of Balázs Dzsudzsák’s explosion, a decade and a half ago.) József Varga, born in 1988 a few weeks earlier, Mihály Korhut, his age, was also born in July 2020. Count Dávid – he is already 32 years old, although this is not the case with a goalkeeper – he was loaned to Loki from Fradi last September, where he did not have a say, and this year the option was enforced.

Ádám Bódi, who returned from Fehérvár years ago, is also 31 years old, and it was just icing on the cake that Krisztián Németh, who had already celebrated his 33rd birthday in January and was handed over by Columbus Crew nine months earlier, was also signed on 23 September this year. Exhibit yourself in the debut match of “Krisz”.

Perhaps there is some explanation for the fact that all of the above are clients of the same reputable player agent – except for one Juja.

In the beginning, the team was tolerable, the weakening of the weak Gyirmó by 5–0 almost rocked the fans who didn’t really like the Tőzsér, Huszti duo into a false illusion, but then the strength of the old people was visibly exhausted. Contributing to this was the fact that, according to eyewitnesses, the intensity of the training, to put it mildly, left something to be desired.

Opponents realized it was enough to run a bit of Loki’s lifelong stars to succeed.

This is how it happened that Kisvárda, Mezőkövesd, and finally the Puskás Academy simply ran through DVSC. So at the end of September, the team went into a negative spiral – and they scored a total of one point in the four championships, and then on Wednesday the elimination against Kecskemét from the Hungarian Cup sealed the fate of Huszti and Toldi. According to our information, they offered to resign on Thursday at noon and the leaders did not really arrest them.

Meanwhile, the Nagyerdei Stadium, which can accommodate 20,340 spectators, has never sold more than five thousand tickets in the 2021–2022 league, and fans – especially those belonging to the hard core – are not standing full-breasted behind the spectacularly underperforming team. Veterans – not secretly – dream of a foreign contract, even Balázs Dzsudzsák, who returned home with a big hoarfrost, said in an interview yesterday. In this regard, one of our sources remarked that if I looked back at the video of one of their matches, they would set themselves more realistic goals beyond the third iksz.

The problem is that there is a seemingly insoluble contradiction between fan expectations, player dreams and bitter reality.

This current Loki, who is formally a newcomer to NB I, is not reminiscent of the seven-time championship team that dominated NB I between 2004 and 2014.

The 2.5 billion budget seems serious at first glance, and it is indeed at the level of the midfield of the cutting edge, but it falls far short of Ferencváros ’11 billion budget, but even Mol Fehérvár’s five billion annual budget.

The insiders of Debrecen say that it is no longer worthwhile to sign a coach for the remaining rounds until the end of the autumn, Jeremiahs should stay for the time being, they are also suitable for firefighting with the professional support of András Herczeg. Just so that the elderly professional is not seated on the bench, he is afraid that his shaky health would be severely strained by stress. Because if someone bears the fate of the team in their heart, it’s his.

Speaking of insiders, we know Tőzsér won’t grow old in the role of sports director either, which seems logical, as this current old boys team is his band.

The wish of the thousand-headed Caesar is usually fulfilled, and we remember well, in August 2018, for the first time, the “Auf Wiedersehen!” Demanding the departure of Thomas Doll! chorus from the throats of Ferencváros fanatics – right here, at the New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium, in a deplorable match against MTK. And we didn’t forget that a few days later, the head coach of the Greens and Whites was called Serhiy Rebrov.

But back to the MTK – DVSC match. In the second half, the Loki equalized with the goal of János Ferenczi, Jeremiah already replaced everyone, only Balázs Dzsudzsák remained on the bench, for the time being – it seems – the one hundred and ninth national team, which is the Hungarian record, is not timely. Next Saturday, the Budapest Honvéd will visit the Nagyerdei Stadium. The team was far from safe on the Hungária boulevard, 10 points ahead of the tenth place, one point ahead of Gyirmót, who is already in the relegated place, and the army driver Újpest.

During the long-awaited winter break, a serious crease is expected in Debrecen, according to insiders, the strengthening and reorganization of the player frame will be on the agenda.

Already if the goal is to prolong cutting-edge membership.

(Cover image: Balázs Dzsudzsák from Debrecen played in the 4th round of the OTP Bank League after the VSC ZTE FC match in Debrecen at the Nagyerdei Stadium in Debrecen on August 21, 2021. Photo: MTI / Zsolt Czeglédi)



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