Index – Sport – Marco Rossi’s coffee obsession took an unexpected turn

A group of companies started the development of the Fresh Corner concept at its filling stations in nine countries of the region in 2015, and today the gas stationmost of them offer refreshment to their consumers, whether it’s someone who’s constantly on the go or a tired traveler.

Few people know that the inventor of the concept is none other than Oscar Világi, Rossi’s former boss, owner of the Dunaszerdahely DAC 1904 football club. The richest Hungarian in Slovakia is a board member of the Mol group and the chairman of the board of directors of SLOVNAFT, which belongs to the mammoth company. As a member of the triumvirate that controls the Hungarian oil company, it was his responsibility to develop the network, and we suspect that it was not by chance that the businessman chose the man who led the Szerdahely team to third place in the 2017-2018 season as the advertising face.

Marco Rossi, who took over the management of the Hungarian national team in the summer of 2018, has been living in Budapest for ten years, where he spends a lot of time with his wife, Mariella, as well as his water polo player son, Simone, and his daughter, Gaia, who works in the fashion industry in Milan, and many Hungarian dishes have become a favorite of the specialist. . As an Italian by blood, he loves coffee, when he was younger he used it before his football matches to speed up his reflexes, and nowadays he drinks it as a kind of ritual in the dressing room before the matches. As a Neapolitan, the quality of the coffee is important to him, so he was happy to say yes when he received the invitation.

In Naples, the coffee is thick, creamy, fragrant, I’ve been a fan of this flavor since I was a child, I don’t even like to flavor it. Fresh Corner was familiar to me even before the invitation, as I am on my way to the locations of league matches most weekends. Espresso is my favorite during these trips, and I drink it here as well. I like to sit down and think about the challenges in front of me, for me drinking coffee is a real ritual, not to mention that after a ten-minute rest, I can continue my journey much fresher in mind and spirit.

said Marco Rossi. I can add to this as a personal experience that I visited Rossi twice in Naples, and coffee was always a must. However, it is part of the whole truth that although Marco Rossi does drink his espresso without sugar, it is not entirely true that he does not like to flavor it.

His favorite is caffé alla nocciola, coffee with hazelnuts, the preparation of which is as follows:

Whip half of 50 milliliters of fresh milk with hazelnut cream and pour into a coffee cup. Add 25 milliliters of espresso to this. Skim off the remaining milk and complete the process. Serve with a hazelnut hazelnut coffee.

Marco Rossi and I didn’t even drink a caffé alla nocciola in the port of Pozzuoli. (Pozzuoli is one of the fabulously beautiful suburbs of Naples, indelibly entered into pop culture as the residence of Sophia Loren.) As a matter of fact, in Hungary, the national team captain really doesn’t flavor the coffee with anything, since they don’t know black with peanut cream here.

(Cover photo: Marco Rossi. Photo: Réka Szabó / Index)