Index – Sports – A narrow quarter has been waiting for it for a century, the club with a long history has returned to the Premier League

As unbelievable as it may be, the finale of the Championship playoffs is certainly the most valuable match in the world of professional football. For example, the winner of the Champions League final will win $ 17.5 million, but whichever team fights first-class membership in the match this season could expect extra $ 200 million in revenue next season.

This match this year a Huddersfield Town is in Notthingam Forest fought in the English football sanctuary at Wembley Stadium. Forrest has been dreaming of Premier League membership for a narrow quarter of a century, while Huddersfield last was among the best in the 2018/19 season, though they said goodbye at the end of the season with a negative points record.

Steve Cooper, the former two-time BEK / BL winner Nottingham master, took over the team in September and has been able to leave the field 26 times in 44 games since then.

After 43 minutes of the match, the referee signaled for a Huddersfield substitution. Levi Cowill he tried to save himself with an unfortunate move, but took his own goal, taking the lead for his opponent. In the end, that goal decided the promotion, as Huddersfield didn’t hit the “reds’ goal once in the entire match.

Nottingham Forest has ended a 23-year wait with its success and will be able to compete with the best teams in England again next year.

Fulham and Bournemouth have previously secured their appearances in the Premier League, from which Burnley, Watford and Norwich City said goodbye.

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