Index – Tech-Science – These Twitter accounts can be unbanned by Elon Musk

After Elon Musk took control of Twitter, a severe purge began, and the billionaire immediately replaced the company’s CEO, CFO and the company’s top lawyer.

Musk, who describes himself as an advocate for free speech, is likely to lift the ban on some high-profile individuals, a source familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. According to this, even former US President Donald Trump can return to the platform.

Reuters has already noticed an unlocked account, as the profile of Kanye West, who has recently been involved in numerous mishaps, has been reactivated. The American rapper was removed from Twitter due to his anti-Semitic comments, and several brands that worked with him also turned away from him.

Twitter has promised to remove any posts that are offensive, violent or obscene, trademark infringing, impersonating or spam, and those whose tweets may contain misinformation. According to the company, it can permanently ban members who violate the rules in particularly egregious ways or who are notoriously policy-violators.

Despite this, Musk highlighted in his letter to appease advertisers that it is not in the company’s interest to make the platform a free-to-use hell.

Here are some of the profiles that can get unbanned:

Donald Trump

The former US president was suspended in January 2021 after the attack on the Capitol building. According to Twitter, the @realDonaldTrump the account’s posts and people’s reactions to them carried the risk of inciting violence. Trump has since created his own platform called Truth Social and vowed in an interview with CNBC that he will not return to Twitter even if his ban is lifted.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

The personal account of Marjorie Taylor Greene, an American far-right politician and representative of Georgia’s 14th congressional district, was suspended in January, but she can still post on her government profile.

On Thursday, he tweeted “Freedom of speech” and “Just wait until tomorrow” as messages to Musk before the deal was sealed.

Steve Bannon

An account linked to Steve Bannon, a former adviser to Trump, was banned in November 2020. In a video from his podcast posted on social media, Bannon talked about the need to put Dr. The heads of Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Twitter said at the time that the post violated its guidelines on glorifying violence.

A few days ago, we wrote about how Donald Trump’s former top adviser was sentenced to four months in prison on Friday for failing to comply with a subpoena from the congressional committee investigating the siege of the Capitol.

Katie Hopkins

British far-right political advocate Katie Hopkins was banned in June 2020 for hateful behavior on the site. Twitter found that Hopkins, who at the time had more than 1 million followers, had violated its hate speech guidelines. He is still active on other sites, and his YouTube channel has more than 240,000 subscribers.

Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee, a satirical Twitter site targeting transgender people, Democrats and Planned Parenthood, was suspended in March but appears to be back on the site.