Index – Tech – We have bad news if you bought an iPhone for Christmas

This year, Apple could not remain without a permanent headache either, since despite the astronomical prices, the demand for the new iPhones is huge, but due to the lack of stock, the waiting period from the day of release is several weeks.

As previously reported by Index, in recent months it has not been easy for those who wanted to walk around with the latest iPhone in their pockets, because the mobile phone of the Californian manufacturer was considered a real rarity due to the lack of stock. Although it was possible to hope for a long time that the situation would normalize by the end of the year, it now looks like this will be far from the case – and what’s more, it will continue to get worse.

Apple has issued a warning that the delivery time for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models has increased significantly, and if someone places an order now, it is no longer certain that they will receive them before the Christmas period. One of the key suppliers, Foxconn, is behind the slower delivery time, as another coronavirus epidemic recently broke out in Chengdu, and their factory is located exactly here.

According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, three million fewer iPhone 14 devices will be produced this year than Apple expected.

According to the report of The Telegraph, the plant affected by the coronavirus epidemic was one of the main manufacturers of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, thanks to this, the basic models are still in stock, only the Pro phones currently need 5-6 six wait a week.

By the way, Apple reduced orders for iPhone 14 devices in September after weaker-than-expected consumer demand for the basic models, although the three-month financial results released last week show that the apple company still managed to pocket a huge amount of income.