Indexa Capital captures 800 clients with the cheapest life insurance on the market | companies

Indexa Capitalthe securities company specialized in designing portfolios that invest in index funds with low costs, launched three years ago by the insurer Caser a life insurance, the cheapest in the market. During this period, the firm has managed to 794 customers subscribe to these policies.

Of all the people who have been hiring him in these three years, 91% keep him. In total, Indexa has participated in the marketing of insurance covering an insured capital of 89 million euros, registering a growth rate of 41% in the third year, compared to the previous 12 months.

“We have been verifying that the premiums we offer are the cheapest in the market, for all types of clients,” they point out from the investment firm.

Indexa’s priority continues to be asset management, with 1,390 million euros of managed assets (in portfolios of funds, pension plans, EPSV and investment funds), for a total of 55,000 clients. However, in 2019 they decided to extend the offer to this life policy, considering it a very suitable complement for proper financial planning.

“We recommend taking out life insurance for people who have family members in their care and who have not yet accumulated enough assets to leave their heirs with enough capital in the event of their death,” Indexa sources point out.

Those who contract this product the most are professionals with annual incomes of more than 80,000 euros. In these profiles, with a high lifestyle and on many occasions a mortgage on a relatively expensive house, death can cause a serious financial imbalance in the family.

As for the prices, Insuring a capital of 100,000 euros only costs 42 euros a year for an 18-year-oldwhile if you are 59 years old, this premium goes up to 500 euros, due to the increased risk of death.

Average, life insurance brokered by Indexa covers a capital of 123,000 euros, in exchange for charging an average premium of 152 euros.

Indexa insurance allows you to cover between 20,000 euros and 180,000 euros, and can be contracted online, without making a medical visit.