India. Justice opens the way to the prohibition of child marriage

India. Justice opens the way to the prohibition of child marriage


“A step in the right direction”. It is as well as the daily DNA has welcomed the decision of the indian supreme Court, Wednesday, October 11, to assimilate the sexual relationship of a man with his wife in a marital rape when it is a minor, “even if this decision highlights the inability shameful of the State to prevent the marriage of children”. Now the 15 year-old girls – the age at which marriage is allowed at the age of 18 better “protected”. For women of full age, the problem remains, and it must be “to condemn the government” of Narendra Modi for his inaction in this field, considers DNA.

“23 million of minor married”

The power of hindu nationalist refused until then to act in favour of the minor by invoking “the sanctity of marriage of children”, remarked, The Times of India. “The tradition cannot be an excuse”, has argued the judiciary. The journal welcomes the end of a “incongruity” of the indian penal Code and recalled that in 1860, the occupying british had fixed the “10 years” the age at which the consent of the wife was no longer required by the husband before sexual intercourse.

He also noted that the supreme Court requests the executive “outlaw” once and for all, the marriage of children, in the name of “life and health” of the young girls, in a country where there are “23 million of minor married” and “46 % women aged 18 to 29 years old” declared that they had been married by force before their majority.

The Hindu notes for his part that the associations for the defence of children’s rights “welcome the decision of the supreme Court” stressing “the pessimism inspired by the inaction of the government” on this serious topic.

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